'If a tree falls in the woods, How can sound exist?'. Feb99?


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been after this one for ages. possibly the 'unknown' track just after the trainspotter section from friday 19th Feb 99 (when jules covered for Pete Tong).

Bangin track, only played a few times by Jules.

Lyrics; 'if a tree falls in the woods when no one's around, does it make a sound? How can sound exist if there's no one there to hear it?'.

I remember hearing it a few times in the G-Bar in Liverpool, spring - summer 99.


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Heya, no need for a sample!

D-Bop - One Hand Clapping (Jon The Dentist Remix)

It samples Lisa Simpson and I bought it when it first came out back in the golden days, I love it! its one of my fave tunes!


Cheque in the post please! ;)

And Hello Tim, will be great to speak to you when you come back this weekend! Sorry I havent updated the website in years :(

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no thanks mate, I have a mp3 of it, cheers anyway, first heard it on a Tall Paul Essential Mix yonks ago, wicked tune! :D

And no problem about D-Bop ;)

Have you heard DJ Paola - Souls Of The Tribe (Jon The Dentist Remix) as well ? Jules played it twice and it was an ID as well ! I identified it about 5 weeks ago :D

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Hey guys, I found my vinyl of D-Bop tonight, have made a "sample" of the track from the vinyl.... didnt bother to remove the crackle and silence at the start and it stops part of the way through.....but at least you get to hear the track! ;)

Obviously I cant rip the whole vinyl as it would be highly illegal :oops: :twisted: :lol:

Sample: http://www.djsimcut.com/4jja/dbop.mp3

let me know what you think please!


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Hey I remember that tune, nice one, I think Pete Wardman played that att! Gosh it sounds it's age lolol

What's the name of the tune that has a guy at the beginning from around 1994-96 that goes "I know kids that are 15 - 16 years old, they're driving around in BMW's ,..................for a lot of people drugs work " also a tune Pete Wardman used to play on Kiss. (when Kiss was bloody good)

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