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Judge Jules - Friday 12th November 1999 (Tracklist Complete)

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This is another tape with an unknown date but its deffo November 1999.....!

UPDATE: found out its from the 12th of November! :D

1. Hatiras - Superfly

2. The Space Brothers - Shine 2000 (Commie Remix)

3. Hi-Gate - Pitchin

4. Spoiled & Zigo - More and More

In The Mix

5. Eddie Amador - Rise (Accapella)

6. Ondar - Tuva Groove

7. Kafelkoff - Blockparty

8. Flickman - Sound Of Bamboo

9. Eye To Eye - Just Can't Get Enough (No No No No) (Lange Mix)

10. ID

11. Azzido Da Bass - Dooms Night (Timo Maas Remix)

12. Twice As Nice - Overture (Rocking With)

In The Mix

13. Spearhead - Do U Wanna Dance

14. Starfighter - Apache (Hi-Gate Mix)

15. Fridge - Angel

16. Wamdue Project - King Of My Castle (Armin Mix)

17. ID

18. Joe Inferno - Tribal Church

19. Conductor & The Cowboy - Feeling This Way

Half Hour Mix

20. Blackmail - Do You Wanna...?

21. DJ Arabesque - Serendipity

22. GD - Choral Reef

23. The Clergy - Saints & Sinners (Saints Mix)

24. Skip Raiders - Another Day (Perfecto Trance Mix)

25. Tonca Boys - Meet Us At Tonca

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Another of my favourite shows - notorious for the fact that Jules voice comes in then stutters and then starts in full flow at the beginning of the mix - clearly pre-recorded!

need to get my hands on Blackmail - tune! Always wanted to know what it was.

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