Judge Jules - Live @ The Arches Glasgow


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Alright people, here is a set i stumbled across the other day.

I have ideas about a few of the tracks played, but far from many.

I'll post a TL in the Tracklisting section shortly.

I don't have a date or year on the set, but i _think_ its from 2000, could be early 2001 though, but listen to the intro when Pete Tong introduces Jules... sounds like the intro to the Media@Nottingham set.

NB: its a Saturday night show.

Grab the set from here:

Grab me!

Good Id'ing ;)

Jonathan J.

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SO many tunes to be ID'd in this - nice one mate!

Without the archives to refer to I'm not sure, but off the top of my head, this set was on a Friday, because the week before Paul van Dyk was covering for Jules in the studio (I think...) - can anyone remember? :?

Please help create a tracklisting for this download here:


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I've been dying to know what name track seven was for years.

I have this on tape and is one of my prized possesions. This is probably the best set i can remeber hearing jules play!!

here goes lets see how good my memory is

Track 1&2 - I think that either this or track two might be timo maas - psychofunk but not 100% sure on these two.

3 - Not got a clue

4 - same again (both bangin tracks tho)

5 - Linus - shifter?

6 - Mansun - i can only dissappoint you (perfecto mix)

7 - Monika Kruse & Patrick Lindsey - U like (I love this track any idea where it is available from)

8 - Ratty - sunrise (instrumental mix)

9 - Boyos - timewarp (2.22 - 3.33 mix)

10 - Citizen caned - the journey (original mix)

11 - Quo vardis - sonics boom (yomanda mix)

12 - Organic Overload - Portamento Passout

I'm going from my tape here, so i might of skipped a couple of tracks to fit most of the set in. theres a break in the tape between 13 & 15 not sure if it's just the mix into the two or whether there is another track there.

13 - Mr Phillips - 7th day (wednesday @ BCM Mix) where someone knocks the arm across the record

14 -

15 - Hi-gate - were gonna work it out

16 - Gate 1 - the flight

17 - DJ Garry - my own kind of stye (can be found on DJ Garry - too funky on mostiko belgium)

18 - RBA - no alternative (original mix)

19 - Dial M For Moguai - beatbox (bang the drum)

20 - Give it what they want - can't remember the name of this one ID

21 - Hennes & cold - the second trip (DJ Scot project mix)

22 - ID

23 - Darude - feel the beat (JS16 dark mix)

24 - ID

25 - Nick Sentience - Freedom

What happened to the other half of the set, and where did u manage to get it from??

Hope this helps

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Fantastic effort constructing a TL from scratch there - much appreciated!

I think the break in the tape did not miss any tracks out - if it did, it was only one, because you rarely saw Jules fit in more than 25 tunes in 2 hours :P

That Patrick Lindsey track was on Trackland records I think - you could email Alphabet City records and enquire about it - you never know how helpful they might be in helping you acquire it :)

When I've got my act together later this year, if you could send me a copy of that tape then I'll make some clips for the Unknown Tracks page on the website so people can ID them and help make the TL more complete, that'd be excellent.

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Nice one brother!

Any chance you could record it & encode it to mp3?

It would be very much appreciated! :D

regarding the Patrick Lindsey track.. so far haven't been able to find the vinyl on any online shops, not even htfr.com

Thank you VERY much for the ID'ing... good work!


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Have you had any takers on the last track played in judge jules set also from May 2000 from lush. I have this set on tape too can't remeber if all the tracks were id'd though?

We will need to reconstruct this one again I'm afraid - I've just PM'd you, but if you want to send some more tapes in I'll put them up as well :wink:

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