An introspective of house-1st dimension

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Remember this classic cd the only problem is it gives no info on what versions of the tunes are played,there is a few i would like to know but can`t find any info so maybe someone can tell me,

thelma houston-don`t leave me this way

raw stylus-believe in me

inner city-do me right

ruby turner-never gonna give you up

supa t-love & respect


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Like someone else have said go on discogs do a search should give you every single version should be a YouTube video to listen to in far right bottom corner. 


Sorry admin to replying  to such a old post

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13 years later heres my take on it:


Ruby Turner - Never Gonna Give You Up (Big Bump Mix)

Supa T - Love & Respect is Actually Gotta Jump (Party Animals Drop Mix)


Thelma Houston ‎– Don't Leave Me This Way is one of the joe t vanelli remixes


raw stylus-believe in me is Raw Stylus Believe In Me (Vission Larimer Acid Trip)

inner city-do me right is (Lisa Marie Sequential Dub)

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