2000-04-21 - Judge Jules, Live from Karranga at Creation, Bristol

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21. samples "The Doors - The Movie"

The program for this evening is not new

You've seen this entertainment through and through

You've seen your birth your life and death

You might recall all of the rest

Did you have a good world when you died?

Enough to base a movie on?.

Hope that helps someone find the final ID for this set :)

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It was discussed in the Unknown Tracks forum here: http://www.judgejulesarchive.co.uk/archives/board/index.php?app=tracker&showissue=221

Admin sirs the mp3 clips in there aren't working / or visible, can somebody fix this so we can stream mp3s again?

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What an amazing site. Good work. This set for me was THE BEST Judge Jules live Friday night shows although theybarevall class. I think I still have about 10 of them on cassette somewhere.

Like many of you I too am still on a 13 year hunt for the uplifting trance Jim Morrison sampling track (No 21). I'm convinced its a white label and I'm sure there are lots of copies sitting in cardboard boxes at the back of many record shops around the country, it's just a case of getting my hands on one.

One minor update on the tracklisting, track 08 I don't think is by Caater, they do a version but the one Jules plays here is a white label version F1-U Sucker. It's more pumping than Caater version.

08. F1 - U Sucker [sUCKER001]

Only hope I find no 21 to make my life complete.

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Hi everybody,

I went to this event and was just talking with a friend about it, so started to see if I could find the MP3 somewhere. I found it here and registered, but now it says I do not have enough posts to be able to download files. Any idea how many posts I need?! I don't really want to start spamming the forums, but will if it that is what it takes to get my hands on this mix!


DJ Scott B

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DJ Scott B - you need to post once on the forums, which you have just done, so you should be all good to go.

Any problems with downloading, just shout.

Do post back with any memories in the related thread, it's good to hear!

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