1999-12-31 - Essential Mix #16 - Judge Jules, Live from Gatecrasher, Don Valley Stadium, Sheffield

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What a mix, I wish I could of been there.



If you were there, you wouldnt have been able to hear most of it anyway - the sound quality was crap.

I still wouldnt have wanted to be anywhere else though!

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13. Eye To Eye - 'Just Can't Get Enough (No, No, No, No)' (Lange Mix) [Xtravaganza]

Surerly this is the unofficial version not the proper release?

I have this on vinyl!!

But it seems you sorted out your problem regarding it already!

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I just played my EYE TO EYE feat Taka Boom - Just can't get enough (no no no no) Side A) Original mix and it is that!

negtory my frien'. The tune played in this mix is the Rejected EP side A "Soulsearcher vs. Apollo 440". This was released over the summer of 1999. Jules hammered it. This was a white label.

It got an "official" release in 2001, where it was re-created by Eye To Eye, whoever they are. The vocals were resung by Taka Boom - probably due to clearance issues from using the original vocals. Lange did a remix of THIS version. This was released on Xtravaganza records.

The original mix of Eye To Eye and the Rejected EP do sound very close (save for a few "whooshy" bits and mre urgent vocals).

Think along the lines of the "Bangkok Tranny" bootleg (made by Stuntmasterz) where it fused "The Boy Is Mine" by Brandy & Monica over Modjo "Lady". When it got a full commerical release, the vocals had to be resung and they had to replay the backing, because of clearance issues. The commercial release was naff and everyone wanted the bootleg. I have this bootleg too, but its next to impossible to mix!

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