2000-08-11 - Radio 1 Dance Party #14 - Brighton

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2000-08-11 - Radio 1 Dance Party #14 - Brighton

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BBC Radio 1 Dance PartyFriday, 11th August, 2000

Live from Brighton


Judge Jules

01. Quo Vadis - 'Sonic Boom (Life's Too Short)' (AMP Mix) [serious]

02. Mario Piu pres. DJ Arabesque - 'The Vision' (Vision 1 Mix) [Nukleuz]

03. Safri Duo - 'Played-A-Live' [serious]

04. Yoji Biomehanika - 'Seduction' (Chris C vs. Dynamic Intervention Remix) [Aztec]

05. Jonah - 'Sssh... (Listen)' (Pants & Corset Mix) [VC]

06. E2 vs E9 - 'On The East Coast' [Routemaster]

07. Joshua Ryan - 'Pistol Whip' [NuLife]

08. Delirium feat. Sarah McLachlan - 'Silence' (DJ Tiësto Mix) [Nettwerk]

09. York - 'Farewell To The Moon' (En-Motion Vocal Dub) [Manifesto]


Dave Pearce

10. The Shrink - 'Are You Ready To Party?' (Vocal Mix) [NuLife]

11. 666 - 'D.E.V.I.L.' (Club Caviar Extended Vocal Mix) [Echo]

12. Zombie Nation - 'Kernkraft 400' (DJ Gius Remix) [Transk]

13. Rockafellas - 'Da Boss Track' [Rockafellas]


Paul Oakenfold

14. Rui Da Silva feat. Cassandra - 'Touch Me' [Kismet]

15. Timo Mass - 'U.B.I.K. (The Dance)' (Old Original Mix) [Perfecto]

16. Utah Saints - Lost Vagueness (Oliver Lieb's Main Mix) [Echo]

17. Jan Johnston - Flesh (DJ Tiesto Remix) [Perfecto]

18. Mekka - 'Diamondback' [Perfecto]

19. Wonky vs. Radiohead - 'Street Spirit' [white label]

20. Planet Perfecto - 'Bullet In The Gun' (2000 Club Mix) [Perfecto]

21. Element Four - 'Big Brother UK Theme' (12" Mix) [Channel 4]


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How epic is that Oakie mix!

Every track was just about perfect at the time although the element four was pushing it (maybe I just hated Big Brother)!

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I have a copy of Dave Pearce's facebook video upload (2.30 mins ish) of this event, think it may have been part of  a BBC promo? Can it be up loaded here some how so its not lost for ever and would anyone be interested in seeing it?

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