Judge Jules - Live at Media Nottingham - 17-11-00

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01 Thermobee & Stratosphere - Stoned Trance

02 Nigel Gee - Hootin Harry (Ariels Paradise Factory Mix)

03 The Clergy - Saints & Sinners

04 Julian Liberator - Funky

05 Patrick F - Bom Bom

06 Joshua Ryan - Pistolwhip (Original Mix)

07 P F N vs The Light - The Phantom

08 Fiasco - Live In Bilbao (E Craig Remix)

09 Hi-Gate - Work It Out

10 Santos - Camels (Saints and Sinners Remix)

11 Yves Deruyter - Back To Earth (Rave Mix)

12 Non - Dizz You Right Now

13 Darude - Feel The Beat (JS 16 Dark Mix)

14 Commander Tom - Eye Bee M (Timo Maas Mix)

15 Megamind - Taub (Picotto Mix)

16 Mauro Picotto - Baguette

17 John Doe - D5B

18 Hi-Gate - Caned and Unable

19 DJ Gert - Give Me Some More (Airzone Remix)

20 Lost Witness - 7 Colours (Jon Doe Remix)

21 Resistance D - You Were There (Club Mix)

22 Citizen Caned - The Journey (Club Mix)

23 Matt Darey pres Mash Up - Liberation (Solar Stone Remix)

24 Angelic - Cant Keep Me Silent

anyone got this or no were i can get this, my uncle recorded this onto a tape but its now lost

thanks very much

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Sorry this took so long to appear in the forum; I'll have a look through the files that are about to be uploaded into the downloads system and if it isn't there will make enquiries!

Does anyone remember ths set?

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Does anyone remember ths set?

:lol: sorry mate, but i have to laugh... i thought this set was famous!

This is one of those incredible sets Jules played back in the golden era... one of my personal faves!

So many good tracks, and so smooth mixing! oh, and did i mention the vibe? ;)

I am adding audio in chronological order and this set will be in the audio section shortly... watch this space!

and there goes... audio added, enjoy:


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