2000-11-03 - Judge Jules, Live from Golden at Sanky's Soap, Manchester

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2000-11-03 - Judge Jules, Live from Golden at Sanky's Soap, Manchester

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01. Rui da Silva feat. Cassandra - 'Touch Me' [Kismet]

02. DJ Gert - 'Give Me Some More' (Tribal Trance Mix) [No Name]

03. SPX - 'Straight To The Point' (X-Cabs Remix) [inversus]

04. Matt Darey pres. Mash Up - 'Liberation (Fly Like An Angel)' (Solar Stone Remix) [incentive]

05. Yves Deruyter - 'Back to Earth' (Rave Mix) [bonzai]

06. Audiomatic - 'Do You Remember?' [A45 Music]

07. Joshua Ryan - 'Pistol Whip' [NuLife]

08. Simon Digby & Will E Tell - 'Nightime Activitiez' (Alpharisc Remix) [Wetmusik]

09. The Advent - 'Sketch Ups' [Tresor]

10. Yves Deruyter - 'Factor Y' (Talla 2XLC Remix) [bonzai]

11. Mauro Picotto - 'Baguette' [bXR]

12. Marco Bailey - 'Hyatt Performer' [Primate]

13. Hi-Gate - 'Work It Out' [incentive]

14. Storm - 'Storm Animal' [Data]

15. Girotondo - 'Ultimate Frontiers' [Recover]

16. DJ Garry - 'My Own Kind Of Style' (Original Mix) [FTW]

17. Darude - 'Feel The Beat' (JS16 Dark Mix) [Neo]

18. Madelyne - 'A Deeper Love (Beautiful Child)' (Gizeh Mix) [Liquid/Xtravaganza]

19. Cygnus X - 'Superstring' (Rank 1's Deep Dub) [Free For All]

20. Angelic - 'Can't Keep Me Silent' (Promo) [serious]

21. Citizen Caned - 'The Journey' [serious]

22. Higgins - 'Dramatic' [Liquid]

23. Holy Noise - 'Get Down Everybody (Phatt Bastard vs. DJ Rob Fabrie Remix)' [Mini White]

24. R.B.A. - 'No Alternative' [Carnal]

25. Warp Brothers vs Aquagen - 'Phatt Bass' [NuLife]


Big thanks to MrG for submitting the audio for the last two tracks that was missing!


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Someone said they had the missing tracks to this set, but we accidentally deleted their message... can whoever it was please get in contact with us again? We really want to hear from them!

Cheers :)

yeah think u might mean me. this is one of the defining tapes of that whole era for me. still dug out on a regular (early morning) basis. i have the full set (as far as i can tell). cassette tho, hope thats not a prob. will be happy to send if u get back 2me. from the republic of ireland, dont think that should b a prob tho.

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You have just been sent a PM :) Thanks for getting in contact!
Hey neuro, really hope i can help u but i dont get access 2internet that often, and i def dont have tech 2upload tape onto net. sorry i know this must b a comlete pain 2u, but i'm in the sticks ya kno! i'll post u the tape tho if u give me an adress. plus may have few other tapes. hope i can help coz this site is what i've been looking 4 for a long time. cheers, get back 2me
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Ive got this on tape somewhere but many thanks for this upload - will get this on the iPod straight away.

Ive been looking for one of the tunes on this set for years - "The Advent - Sketch"

Anyone know the actual mix thats on this set? there are several vinyls on Disgogs by "The Advent" with various name variations of sketch. I just dont know which is the one.

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Dont worry, I took a gamble and bought an EP off Discogs from around the same time as the set was broadcast and I ended up with the right tune.. woohoo.

So the tracklist needs correcting:

09. The Advent - 'Sketch' (Unknown Mix) [Tresor] should be:

The Advent - 'Sketch Ups' [Tresor]

This is featured on the '3rd Sketch EP'


10. Yves Deruyter - 'Factor Y' [bonzai] - is the talla 2xlc mix:

Yves Deruyter - 'Factor Y' (Talla 2XLC Remix) [bonzai]

Edited by Tremor
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Just had a listen. The DJ Garry tune is "My Own Kind of Style"

Looking at the release on Discogs there is a mix of it called Fluffy Melody. Perhaps thats what was written on the original tracklist. I dont have the tune to confirm that's the right mix but here's the Discogs link:


So the correct ID could be:

16. DJ Garry - 'My Own Kind Of Style' (Fluffy Melody) [FTW]

Anyone got this to confirm?

Also the next tune, Darude - Feel The Beat is the js16 Dark Mix

17. Darude - Feel The Beat (JS16 Dark Mix) [Neo]

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A recent thread made me revisit this again (on good old fashioned cassette). Definately my favourite set on here, particularly these;

03. SPX - 'Straight To The Point' (X-Cabs Remix) [inversus]

18. Madelyne - 'A Deeper Love (Beautiful Child)' (Gizeh Mix) [Liquid/Xtravaganza].

Does anyone know much about them/ have them? All you tube has are cheesy versions. Can't remember Jules playing them any other time.

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I have both those tunes on vinyl and they are also 2 of my favourite tunes from this set. Deeper Love the gizeh mix in particular because it took me ages to track down this version. The rubbish release that came out about a year after this set just has the cheesy vocal mixes.

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Cheers Fuzzy. Those tunes are the reason I found this site. Sankeys was a massive favourite of ours, and I was always dying to know for years what some of those tracks were, (especially those two), searched for a tracklisting, and found this place. I needed to lie down for an hour however, when I saw the vastness of sets on here!

Incidently, I'm (hopefully) going to start dj'ing again, and I'm trying to build up a digital collection, but I find the tracks like I mentioned above impossible to find. Are there any sort of specialist classic trance (that era) download sites?

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the Sankeys set was also a huge fave of mine many years after I recorded it live that friday... and it still bring back many fond memories today :)

The funny thing is that I too used quite a few years to track down the correct remix of that Madelyne tune. None of the other versions has the same chords.. it's like they are played in a different order or something.

Anyway, it was a good day when I finally managed to track down the correct version :D

Have a look at this thread here: http://www.judgejulesarchive.co.uk/archives/board/index.php?showtopic=5601

It's less than a year old and should have some good ideas on where to look for digital tunes.

I'd like to see a more genre & style indexed list though... to make it easier finding the sites that specialize in classics.

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