1998-08-02 - Essential Mix #9 - Judge Jules, Live from Manumission at Privilege, Ibiza

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01. Anthony Atcherley - 'In My House' (A Side Mix)[White Label]

02. Taiko - 'Echo Drop' (Jonesey's Drop Da Bomb Mix) [Southeast]

03. Shrink - 'Nervous Breakdown' (Original Rohypnol Mix) [Neo]

04. Signum - 'What Ya Got For Me' (Original Instrumental) [Tidy Trax]

05. Ayla - 'Ayla' (DJ Taucher Mix) [Additive]

06. Blue Adonis - 'Disco Revival' [Bonka]

07. DJK - 'Tuff Sensation' [Tuff Tunes]

08. The Invisible Man - 'Give A Little Love' [Serious]

09. Termination Source - 'Poing 98' (De Bos Mix) [Massive Drive]

10. Committee - 'Ripping It Up' (Jumbo Mix) [Club Image]

11. David Morales pres. The Face - 'Needin You' (Original Mistake) [Azuli]

12. DJ Disco - ' That Sound ' [ King Size Records ]

13. Ying Tong - 'Unknown' [Whack]

14. Marc Et Claude - 'La' (Moonman Mix) [Additive]

15. Untidy Dubs - 'Funky Groove' (Judge Jules Remix) [Manifesto]

16. Paffendorf - 'Smile' [Orbit]

17. Jonesey - 'Independence' (The Stadium Mix) [Caged]

18. Lucid - 'I Can't Help Myself' (Judge Jules Mix) [FFRR]


I am tempted to buy Toby One ‎– 5 Rood Awakenings to find out if it has track 13 on it or not






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its this mate 



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