2005-03-27 - Judge Jules, 10 Years of Trance Classics, Live from Gatecrasher, Sheffield


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2005-03-27 - Judge Jules, 10 Years of Trance Classics, Live from Gatecrasher, Sheffield

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Live from Gatecrasher One, Sheffield

Easter Sunday - 10 Years of Trance Classics - 'Back to the Future Tour'


01. Starparty - 'I'm In Love' (Ferry Corsten & Robert Smit Remix) [Go For It!]

02. Kristine Blond - 'Loveshy' (Electrique Boutique Remix) [Relentless]

03. Lost Witness - 'Happiness Happening' (Lange Remix) [Data]

04. DJ Tiesto vs. Lost Tribe - 'Suburban Gamemaster' [white]

05. Aurora - 'Hear You Calling' (Dark Moon Remix) [Alphabet City]

06. Humate - 'Love Stimulation' [Deviant]


No more of this recording survives of this set, which was apparently 4 hours long. If you have any audio we can merge with this, please let us know.


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Sorry I should have been clearer - this was not broadcast; Jules sent me it on CD a few years ago as he had asked someone to record his whole set from the decks directly. He wasn't too pleased when he found out only 30 minutes were recorded (and in dodgy quality) and felt it worth binning. I insisted he sent it anyway, and it's been lying on my PC for ages, so I put it up... if it helps bring back the slightest memory for people who actually went, it's done it's job! :)

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There is something extra-special about 'bootleg' recordings that haven't been broadcast on radio or uploaded to a streaming platform; a hidden moment captured for eternity which only you, the DJ and the crowd at the time are witness to.  This period, in the early 2000s before streaming took off and MP3s were the default medium, is fertile ground for these 'secret' recordings.


Thanks to Jules and Tim for the work here.  It's disappointing that the rest of this wasn't captured, however, I think it adds to the charm.


I particularly enjoyed hearing Lost Witness which to me is another signature Jules' tune.  Interesting also to observe the trends away from including the formulaic second breakdown from late-90s trance is gaining traction here.

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