Aza presents: A Brief History of Darren Tate

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Thank you for all of your nominations, participating and helping put together a great post full of Darren's euphoric tracks. I hope this mix is as good as you've been expecting, especially as many of the tracks you all kindly nominated do all the work.

I'm glad we pretty much all agreed on the 2 hrs because I definately would've struggled to get nearly half of all the tracks in there in 80 minutes; these are not the type of tracks that you can edit heavily nor would it do the mix any justice...

I endeavoured to get this uploaded for you all by tonight in anticipation of the weekend, which you can all download at least by Friday :)

To get to the meat of this post... The tracklisting was pretty much been compiled by all members on here, however, the rest is for all you lot to have a stab at. I will reveal the official tracklisting later this weekend, but no doubt you should all have it finely uncovered by then. All I will reveal is that there are 22 (yes, twenty-two!) tracks in total spanning just over 2 (two!) hours. I haven't even put together the formal website page for my site yet; I've only done the page containing the link because this mix is solely for all of us!

Please post your feedback; I appreciate all your comments and want to especially thank you all again :thumbsup:

Click here to go to the download page


1. DT8 Project - Sun Is Shining (Down On Me) (Original Mix) [Mondo]

2. Jurgen Vries - Take My Hand (Vocal Mix) [Direction]

3. DT8 Project feat. Andrea Britton - Winter (Max Graham's Sidechain Remix) [Data]

4. DT8 Project - Hold Me Till the End (12 Inch Mix) [Mondo]

5. DT8 feat Roxanne Wilde - Destination (Vocal Mix) [FFRR]

6. Angelic - Stay With Me (Original Mix) [serious]

7. W.I.P - I Won't Let You Down (Darren Tate's Angelic Remix) [Decode]

8. Orion - See Me Here (Darren Tates Beachcomber Vocal Mix) [Xtra Nova]

9. Jurgen Vries - Wilderness (Instrumental Mix) [Direction]

10. Darren Tate - Venus [Mondo]

11. Darren Tate - Echoes [Mondo]

12. Above & Beyond - Good For Me (Darren Tate Remix) [Anjunabeats]

13. Orion - Eternity (Darren Tate Mix) [incentive]

14. Jurgen Vries - The Opera Song (Brave New World) [Direction]

15. Darren Tate - Prayer for God (Reaves & Ahorn Remix) [Mondo]

16. Darren Tate - Synergy (Original '99 Mix) [Mondo]

17. Darren Tate - Fall From Grace (Original Mix) [Mondo]

18. Angelic - Can't Keep Me Silent (12 Inch Original) [serious]

19. KOTA - Waiting (Darren Tate vs. Mike Koglin Mix) [Mondo]

20. Ayu - Audience (Darren Tate Instrumental Mix) [Avex Trax]

21. Darren Tate Vs Jono Grant - Let The Light Shine In (Original Mix) [Mondo]

22. Citizen Caned - The Journey (Original 12 Inch) [serious]

Total Time: 2 hrs 05 mins 36 secs | File Size: 175 Mb - MP3 128/320kbps VBR

Edit: Tracklisting added

Edited by Aza
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No it was Darren Tate who did all the Angelic outings. I think Jules and his (very lovely) wife sorted the lyrics side of things. Thanks for putting the tracklisting up... really REALLY like this mix Aza. 10/10. I liked the mix into Citizen Caned esp.

Some I hadn't heard before, and some of those remixes I'd totally forgotten about so I will have to go and buy them now.

Edited by Quadrant
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Thanks Quadrant - glad it lived up to your expectations! Really enjoyed putting this together and was fun getting all the help from on here :)

Chrissie: This should help out :) Yeah, Jules and Paul were Hi-Gate (as well many other guises). I think Jules wrote the lyrics for the Angelic project... Hope you like the mix!

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Sun Is Shining Down On Me, and Remix of Good For Me are the weak tracks for me hence 9 instead of 10/10and of course lest wef orget no It's My Turn ;) that d been instant if included 10/10 ha ha

I wasnt expecting the AYU remix (I had teh AYU-M EP some years back which had it on!) so was great to hear it again after a few years!

Edited by JasonB
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Really enjoyed this Aza - enjoyable mixing as always. Funnily enough some parts reminded me of Jules's old mixes, because the tempo was always kept tight and in check. Nice. :D

I wonder what Darren would think of this mix if you told him? hehe...

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Cheers Chrissie :)

Jason - glad you liked the remix of Ayu, it's probably my favourite remix done by Tate! That M EP was quite rare if I recall, so hold on to your beauty unlike me.

I do like 'Good for Me' and that was especially included because of a certain request, which is what this mix was all about :)

That's for your comments Tim, appreciative as always and really glad you (and all) have enjoyed this :)

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Yeah well due to something porbably poor storage it didnt get scragched to f*** by being played the ep degraged togood/v good condition i still managed to get 15 quid on ebay for it though haha! (thats without postage! ha ha not bad when ibought it forĀ£2.50 originally!hahahah)..

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Thanks to all again for helping with this :)

I just popped onto Darrens site, but can't really see a way to contact - I think I'll just leave it - nice thought anyhow Tim :)

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