JJ @ Inside Out, The Arches 06/10/2000


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alrite peeps.

there is a track missing off the tracklist for this mix. can u help me id it please.

Its played after the Mansun track (track 5) and before the Monika Kruse & Patrick Lindsey track (track 6) near the start of the set. Its a techno edged track with a killer bassline and a small male vocal saying " and Jack had a groove" JJ starts to mix it in at around 21 mins. Any help will be hugely appreciated!!! Ive tried for 7 years to id this track!!!! Cheers folks.

01. Unknown - Unknown [White Label]

02. Unknown - Unknown [White Label]

03. Bismark - 'Make a Dream' (Nukleuz)

04. Linus - 'The Shifter' [Vinyl Addiction]

05. Mansun - 'I Can Only Disappoint U' (Perfecto Club Mix) [Parlophone]

-------------TRACK MISSING HERE--------------

06. Monika Kruse & Patrick Lindsey - 'U Like' [Trackland]

07. Ratty - 'Sunrise' (Instrumental) [Neo]

08. Boyos - 'Time Warp' (2.22 - 3.33 Mix) [Continental]

09. Citizen Caned - 'The Journey' (Original Mix) [serious]

10. Quo Vadis - 'Sonic Boom' (Yomanda Remix) [serious]

11. Organic Overload - 'Portamento Passout' (Portamento Mix) [Closet]

12. Mr. Phillips - '7th Day' (Mr. Phillips "Wednesday @ BCM" Mix) [Quickey]

13. Unknown - Unknown [White Label]

14. Hi-Gate - 'Gonna Work It Out' [incentive]

15. Gate 1 - 'The Flight' (Unknown Mix) [Nukleuz]

16. DJ Garry - 'My Own Kind Of Style' (Original Mix) [white]

17. R.B.A. - 'No Alternative' (Original Mix) [Carnal]

18. Dial M For Moguai - 'Beatbox (Bang The Drum)' (Remix???) [Kosmo]

19. Dave Clarke - 'Before I Was So Rudely Interrupted' [icrunch]

20. Hennes & Cold - 'The Second Trip' (DJ Scot Project Mix) [infusion]

21. Unknown - Unknown [White Label]

22. Darude - 'Feel The Beat' (JS16 Dark Mix) [Neo]

23. Unknown - Unknown [White Label]

24. Nick Sentience - 'Freedom' [Nukleuz]

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Thanks for the tracklisting correction - always happy to have those! There's quite a few unknowns in that set actually....

Download the set here:


This set also features someone knocking the tonearm completely off the decks in the middle of "7th Day" biggrin.gif

I'll have a listen d-face. Others will no doubt help out shortly wink.gif

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Off topic are you related to the graffiti artist D*face?!


Sir Wakester, I am beginning to doubt your allegiance to this country! Your graffiti artist defaces pound sterling notes of Her Majesty the Queen. Look! On top of your distain for the pound :thumbsdown: . Take this: :ninja: :thumbsup:

Downloading this now to take a listen to that missing track for you, d-face.

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