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I think it's great too - the fusion of Iberian sounds (guitars and castaƱuelas) is so typically Spanish, but to throw it into a dance mould is excellent and not one I've heard very many times before.

The only info emailed to me is that it's definitely 1996, Quad. Ahead of its time!

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It was a spontaneous purchase which I've not had time to listen to properly - no wonder I recognised it then!

Funny how names evade us sometimes. It's on Moksha recordings...

Thanks for the ID, Stringer.

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I actually sampled the original into my Ableton last year in the hope of using it for an Ibizan blinder :) Yes it was a's the original, and it is an absolutely amazing piece of Spanish guitar! Makes me think of Aranjuez, where I really should be living, instead of this HELL HOLE life I'm in!

Used to play the concierto when I was a teenager. :boohoo:

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