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This is one I've been looking to ID for a long, long time. There appears to have been so many mixes of this track; I've heard similar mixes with some crap vocal over the top but this is different - this sounds like a Dub.. I've given a long sample here to help ID it properly.

Jules used to call it Tomaz vs. Filterheadz, but I don't think that's correct. Friends have suggested Tiesto had a hand in it, maybe the Roc Project, Carl Cox... I'm not sure!

id201.mp3 - 1.80MB approx.

Hope someone can clear this one up!

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Sir Will! I always thought this was

The Roc Project feat. Tina Arena - Never (Tiesto vs Filterheadz Remix) :)

- got it on a Tiesto CD somewhere, I'll try and find it and compare...:confused:

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After much scouting, this appears to have been eventually released with the Aussie vocalist thus:

The Roc Project feat. Tina Arena - 'Never' (Filterheadz Luvtina Dub)

Quite difficult to find actually... yet another tune goes on my wantlist on :rolleyes:

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