Champions League Final

Max Kane

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I will predict that the score will be United 2-1 Chelsea

I predict a riot ;) . I reckon United as winners. 2-1 :D .

I can't wait. A very big moment for us and a chance to get another one over Chelsea this season. Come on United!!

"Viva Ronaldo, viva Ronaldo... running down the wing, hear United sing.... viva Ronaldo".

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If they have seen what the prisons are like then they wont do anything out of order. There was a news report a couple of days ago showing the force of the riot police (virtually the military) and all the cells. They will be thrown in with some of Moscows toughest criminals. I would keep quiet if it got heated in any crowds haha.

My prediction: nothing specific ... Man U will win B)

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dont chelsea and man u really hate each other tho??

Not really mate. There isn't the history there for the hate that comes with other teams such as City, Liverpool, Leeds, Arsenal. If United and Chelsea go head to head for years to come then there would be the development of huge rivalry and conflict but it doesn't happen over a few seasons.

Yes I dislike Chelsea but that doesn't go anywhere near as deep as my hatred of City or Liverpool.

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I hate both teams, so hopefully it'll end 0-0, go to penalties, and then they'll miss every one, meaning it'll go to sudden death. Hopefully, both teams will continue to miss every penalty. Three and a half weeks later, they'll still be playing sudden death and still missing penalties, and because they've been playing for three and a half weeks non-stop, all of the players will die of dehydration or starvation.

That will then be the end of Man Utd and Chelsea, meaning Arsenal will win the league next year, Liverpool will be runners up, and because the Premier League will be two teams short, they'll need to promote Wolves and Crystal Palace from the championship to replace them.

Gotta love that sudden death rule........ :P

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What an awesome night!!! I'm so pleased we won it as our performances in Europe this season have been the sort that deserve to win a cup. Could total this seasons trophies to four if we're lucky as we have the UEFA supercup against Zenit and charity shield against Pompey in the coming months. I know these aren't regarded as valued trophies to the extent of the league, champions league or FA cup but it would be deserved if we got these too.

We need to strengthen now though as you need constantly need to improve in todays age. I say Huntelaar (who's leaving Ajax anyway) or Benzema. I'm not really interested in Berbatov as I think to buy younger players sets us up better for years to come.

Our current squad has a lot of young players that have huge potential i.e Nani, Anderson.. Would also be interesting to see if we call Manucho back from his loan at Panathinikos. He looked awesome in the African cup and seems to have great strength and speed.

A very exciting time to be a United fan!!

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