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I think it is Lovechild - Gloria (Prototype rmx)


Prototype remix? Have you got a clip? I would love to hear it :)

Also I'm pretty sure I have this mix - got my vinyl somewhere so will check tonight after work which one it is!

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WEel its the Extended mix thats on Essential Millenium according to those samples although it really does sound more like The Olmec Heads sound so I'm proper confused!

The sample this threads based around on the basis of chemicals samples means its the Olmec Heads Mix but just doesnt sit right with me and never will do! :lol:

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My first instinct told me it was their remix and comparing it to Spiritualised and other remixes, I'm sure it's their sound. We should correct that CD entry on discogs if it's a misprint.

Thanks a lot as always guys!

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