2005-08-13 - Essential Mix #25 - Judge Jules, Live from Space, Ibiza

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2005-08-13 - Essential Mix #25 - Judge Jules, Live from Space, Ibiza

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BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix - 10 years of Radio 1 In Ibiza

Saturday, 13th August 2005

Live from Space, Ibiza


Judge Jules - Premier Etage (07:00pm - 07:30pm, 12th August)

01. Olav Basoski - 'Waterman' [Oxyd/Positiva]

02. Freemasons - 'Love On My Mund' (Full Intention Club Mix) [Loaded]

03. Lil' Love - 'Little Love' [Positiva]

04. Coburn - 'We Interrupt This Programme' (Interrupted Vocal Mix) [Great Stuff]

-Interview with Eric Morillo-


Judge Jules in the Mix (01:00am - 01:50am)

05. Mike Foyle vs. Signalrunners - 'Love Theme Dusk' [Armind]

06. Judge Jules - 'The Serpent' (Jan Loper Remix) [white label]

07. Fred Baker - 'Electric Shock' [white label]

08. Kristine Blond - 'Loveshy' (Electrique Boutique Vocal Mix) [Relentless]

09. Matt Darey - 'Eternity' [Darey Products]

10. Judge Jules - 'Keep Me Running' [Maelstrom]

11. K90 - 'Red Snapper' (Destinations Re-Dub) [Dataless]

12. Sonic Vibe - 'Desert Sky' [4 DJs Only]

13. Blanco Diablo - 'Absolute Control' [white label]

14. E. Craig - 'Call It A Day' [Reset]

15. Mike Hunt - 'Lick My Window' [white label: SIM 002, WOODS 002]

16. DuMonde - 'Let Me Out' (Alphazone vs. Ralph Novell Dub Mix) [Fate]

17. DJ Scot Project - 'I (Need U)' [Overdose]


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