1997-10-31 - Judge Jules, Essential Selection, Live from Oxford for Soundcity 97

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09. Todd Terry - 'It's Over Love' (Loop Da Loop Mix) [Manifesto]

You know when a track sets something off in your mind, and you remember it from years back? I knew about the original Drum & Bass version, but couldn't remember what the title of the garage remake was.

This is quite a set yet again though, i really like Judge Jules' mix of the Trevor Reilly tune.

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Just simply can't stop listening to this mix.

11. K Capone - 'Pain' (Unknown Remix) [urban]

I think this just might be the 'Club Mix Instrumental', as shown here:-

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Cant believe i was only 15 when i first heard this,sounded so good on cassette then i somehow miss placed it but now I've found it on here,winner also always nice to see the track list to a great mix and now i get to listen to it all over again :rolleyes:

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Very emotional set from Judge, especially with the crowd voiceover. I remeber listening and recording the very end of this show, below, in London from BBC Radio One back in the day.

These three are timeless!

Lucid - 'I Can't Help Myself' [Delirious]

Limited Growth - 'No Fate' (Santini & Stephenson Mix) [bonzai Trance Progressive / Suck Me Plasma]

Energy 52 - 'Cafe Del Mar' (Three 'n One Mix) [Hooj Choons]

I like Julesy´s "scratching" in Lucid, too!

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The mix of 'Down With The Underground' isn't Jules' own mix he played on here, or at least I don't think. It's less bass heavy than the one that made it to the vinyl release.


Ir maybe he played a demo remix that never saw the light of day.

This is still one of the greatest mixes Jules has ever done. All the speed garage reminds me of Resident Evil 2 on the playstation, simply because I remember my older cousin playing it when it came out. And he was always playing garage and trance tapes when I was a kid.

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Don't want to sound too dramatic but this mix effectively changed my life when I heard it as it's what inspired me to start DJing and am still at it 21 years later. 


Looking forward to seeing what the quality of this is like as i'm currently recording the minidisc recording I have of it (off cassette in the first instance) onto my PC and the quality is average at best! 

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Update: 2019



01. Serious Danger - 'Deeper' [Fresh]

02. Da Hool - 'Meet Her At The Love Parade' (Dextrous Remix) [bonzai Italy]

03. Soundscape - 'Dubplate Culture' (JDS Remix) [satellite Records (UK)]

04. BBE - 'Desire' (Full Forces Club Mix) [Positiva]

05. Overcharge - 'Minds Are Changin'' (Wave Captain Remix) [Time Unlimited]

06. Camisra - 'Let Me Show You' [VC Recordings]

07. Brutal Bill Marquez - 'Sweat' (J&B's Mix) [Deeper Rekords NYC]

08. Gisele Jackson - 'Love Commandments' (Loop Da Loop Vocal Mix) [Manifesto]

09. Todd Terry presents Shannon - 'It's Over Love' (Loop Da Loop Mix) [Manifesto]

10. Trevor Reilly - 'Down With The Underground' (Judge Jules Mix) [Manifesto]

11. K Capone - 'Pain' [urban]

12. The Space Brothers - 'Forgiven (I Feel Your Love)' (Dub Vocal Mix) [Manifesto]

13. Da Hool - 'Bora Bora' [Manifesto]

14. PF Project - 'Choose Life' (JDS Vocal Remix) [Positiva]

15. Paul Janes / Amadeus Mozart - 'Gettin Hot (Un-Tidy Dubs Volume One)' [untidy Trax]

16. Afrowax ‎– English 101 (FR8 Mix) (Product 19 Record)

17. Morel Inc. - 'Are You Ready To Play The Game?' (Morels Groove Mix)[strictly Rhythm]

18. Lucid - 'I Can't Help Myself' [Delirious]

19. Limited Growth - 'No Fate' (Santini & Stephenson Remix) [bonzai Trance Progressive]

20. Energy 52 - 'Café Del Mar' (Three'N One Remix) [Hooj Choons]

21. In Dublo ‎– Red Sun  (Flex Records)



tracklist complete


last tune played by jules as he played on his cassete unknown mixes before took me a while to id.

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2 hours ago, Spin Doctor said:


Great set this.  Track 21 is definable an emergency choice with Energy 52 supposed to be the end of the set.

Indeed... Good to see Jules supporting Danish trance this early though... it's a great track, though never commercially released :) 

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Hi all


Just to let you know I've contacted Trevor and asked him to ID the version that Jules plays on this Sound City 97, as it's not the same as the Judge Jules Mix on the Manifesto release, will let you know once I hear back :)



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