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'The Voice' aka. Donald LaFontaine R.I.P.

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Not sure how many of you know this guy by the name, but i'm sure everyone know his voice.

He's done voiceover on around 9000 movie trailers (according to Wiki) and a s**load of ads & other TV bits.

Really good little vid about the guy here:

Maybe Pablo Fransisco should consider taking over Don's job? :)

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Argh, sorry to hear that. That man had nothing but natural talent, and the amount of times I went and watched another film after hearing him in a trailer is amazing.

The way he could have that presence and vary his tone depending on what film he was doing was almost as good as me being 4th in the world right now at the skysports fantasy football league ;)

Not taking anything away from the guy by that comment, just that I checked just there, but have any of you signed up for a skysports team yet, and if not, lets get a JJA one going?

Complete tangent but let us know lol

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