2000-05-27 - Judge Jules, Homelands, Winchester

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On 5/10/2010 at 1:15 AM, Tremor said:

Jules is trying to do a DJ trick with 2 copies of the tune. However he has not properly matched the audio level between the 2 channels on the mixer - hence one sounds much louder than the other. Also he has not properly matched the speeds - one is much faster than the other which is very noticeable since the pitch is obviously way different too. There won't be a better copy of the set out there since the errors were surely in the way Jules was doing the live extended mix.


You may be correct Tremor. However it's rather odd that he would even attempt this without first adjusting the gain and pitch. Which makes me think there were other forces at play. When he mixes out of Shrink & into Darude the audio level drops considerably. Then when he switches between the 2 copies of Darude, one is stereo and the other is mono. It then remains mono until he mixes into AMP. So he was definitely having technical issues.

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