Searching fpr a big tune in 99/2000


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Hey Guys!! :-)

I need your help....

I'm searching for a track, judge jules played in one of his radio 1 shows on a friday. i have no sample, but some infos about the song. it was a trance-bomb with a huge melodiy, but not very upliftin like ferry corsten or so.

the sopng was playend on a live-event between october 99 and january 2000. i don't know the live event...

the song contains a refrain, it's called "LAAA-LAAA LA-LA". Between those words, a epic melody is growing up slowly from behind. this track was played BEFORE Hi-Gate - Caned and Unable. You can recognize that, because the bassline of Caned and Unable was mixing in, before the melody of my searched track had stopped.

It could be a rela trance-hymn, but i had never never heard that song again. so you're my lats chance! PLZ HELP ME!!!

Here s the sumary:

->Was played between October 1999 and January 2000 (hopefully at the End of 99 or beginning 00)

->Was played on the Radio 1 Judge Jules Show, on fridays, on a Live-Event.

->is a trance-track and contains a hymn-melody, but not so much upliftin' like ferry corsten or moonman.

->Hi-Gate's "Caned and Unable" followed. It was mixing in my searched song, before the melody ended.

->Contains Hymn-Words: "LAAA-LAAA LA-LA"

That are all Infos i have...

Thanks in advance, guys

best regards =) :)

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