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I've just been watching 'Its All Gone Pete Tong' on doovde, and of course with a legally paid for doovde you get the menu screen (the part with things like 'play movie, scene selection, special features'). On this film's menu screen is a really cool chill-out song in the background but I have no idea what it is.

Has anyone else got this film on doovde, and do they know the menu song?

Long shot but might have some answers by the end :)

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What's a doovde, do you mean DVD?

Yes, doovde does mean DVD - it makes sense when you watch Fonejacker a lot :thumbsup:

You know what I am on about now though Tremor :) It's quite chilled out but it's very hard to put a name to it. I spent most of my time today just having the menu screen playing rather than the film itself :lol:

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