Sherbert? Popped? compilation album


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I remember hearing this tune in a club at the time, I am as happy this minute now hearing it as it made me then. Awwwwwwwww I am so pleased, I just have that damn Euphoria compilation tune to find now and I'll be fully replenished of memories and the tunes that induce them!!

My partner isn't so pleased that i just blasted that out while he was watching red dwarf, but nevermind! lol

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yeah another one from about 1994, you already tried helping me with this one!! It's a toughy! But I am doing well this week, things happen in 3's don't they!!

Anyway it's the first or last tune on this elusive comp. Has a sound in it like a pigeon, we always called it the pigeon song hence I dont know it's proper f***ing name, but I never knew tapes didn't last forever at the time. Actually there is a piano anthem from 1994 i want too.

I did find the DJ I was after though..............DJ Rich B! :)

And Pete Wardman ROCKS!!

Or it could be a Commander Tom tune??

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