Armin e-mix (trance energy 19/2/06)


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hi guys! need ur help, i ve ripped the very start of e-mix before armin comes on, its a trance tune in the background, when jules is introducing armin on radio, please have a listen and poss let me know what it is??

been after this for agessssssss lol!

nice one cheers

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no! its nothing to do with the tl! its a tune in the background when jules is introducing armin, so in other words the track is played on the radio as background and not in the arena where armin and jules were doin an ess mix!

Sorry, l thought as much. :( Its so frustrating when that happens. :wall: The same thing happened on one of Jules's outdoor live shows, there was a great tune playing in the background (as he made his way from the make shift studio to the outdoor stage) but no one knows what it is called. I emailed Jules and he didn't know either.

Here's hoping someone will put you out of your misery by naming the tune.

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