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Hi All,

can anyone help with IDing the tune playing around 15mins 30s in series 5 episode 30 of Masterchef?

Link to the whole episode is here (sorry, i'm unable to take a clip of just the bit I want): http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b00hz...es_5_Episode_30

I must say they play some good tunes on Masterchef for a cookery programme, I wonder who's responsible for choosing them?

Many thanks,


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In a few years time (or possibly months) you will forget about it and then hear it somewhere and you will find the ID at the same time ... this happens for me when I hear music and don't know the name.

In actual fact it was how I discovered 'Reflekt - Need To Feel Loved' - I heard it in a friends car, but it was so loud I couldnt hear him say what it was, then went to Ibiza and heard it in a shop which is where I got the name for it :)

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Yeah or in the middle of the night whilst sleeping you'll awaken and shout the title and wonder what the hell you are on about!

This can also happen just at the point where you drop off to sleep. Satisfying yet frustrating at the same time. But will let you go to sleep with a small smirk! :)

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