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Who's up for a board members mix then? Basically, if we all record a three-track mix, and then everyone sends those three-track mixes over to me, i'll mix them all together to make one long board mem

PART 1 TRACKLISTING Meccaheadz-Nite Skoolz (Breaktime Edit)(Europa) - JASON B Mr. Oizo-Flat Beat (F Comms/PIAS) - JASON B Mojolators Feat. Camilla-Drifting (Multiply) - JASON B Dash Berlin and Mat

I'm going to be away for most of the weekend, so if everyone could PM me with their tracklists and links, i'd appreciate it - if the thread gets too long, i'll get confuzzled and lose track a bit.

So far, i've got Jasons and Tremors mixes downloaded and TL'd :D

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I have mine done. I think it's acceptable but it's not amazing - the tune selection caters for the 'amazingness' I think. I will get it converted and uploaded sometime soon.

Dash Berlin and Matt Cerf ft Jaren - Man On The Run (Original Vocal)

Roger Shah and Tenishia - You're So Cool (Original Mix)

Mike Koglin ft Tania Laila - Find Me (Original Vocal)

I like the fact they are all original's rather than remixes :) Not like it makes any difference :lol:

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Nice thread, Carl :)

On a personal note and IMO of course, Trance hasn't really been doing it for me of late so I think I will have a bash at a few classics if that's cool?

Should be fun :thumbsup:


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haha I could do a happy hardcore mix... but Im sure Briggsy will be relieved that I've already sent him my contribution so maybe not.. hahaha. Got plenty of it on vinyl though.. funny times.

haha me too! must be from around 1998 i recon. I'll get on this too Briggsy. Try and knock something up tomorrow. Simon, I can safely say I've not heard any of your tunes, will be interesting !

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I have my tracklist sorted. Will sort the mix tomorrow night and give you the link ;)

Cheers for the mixes guys. Thanks for the PM's - i've not been around much over the weekend, so i've not been ignoring people. I'm in the process of downloading each mix now :D

Keep them coming :D

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Right, i'm knackered and having an early night so i've just downloaded the last mix for tonight.

If i've downloaded your mix, then i'll have replied to your PMs. If i've not replied, it means i've still got your mix in the queue - so i'm not ignoring you ;)

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