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Cool thanx jason. Would you be a love and send me a link to it please too?

If anyone ever wants to tell me how to do this myself I would be very grateful and possibly reward them some way!

By improving your anti-aging routine? :P

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We can extend this until midnight Sunday if you've not sent your mixes in yet - i've lent my decks to a mate so that she can get some practice in before her gig on Friday, so I can't mix anything until I get them back - so you guys may aswell make the most of it :D

For those that have sent me mixes by PM that i've not replied to yet - i'm catching up slowly. I've not been around much again recently so i'm a bit behind :(

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Ask briggsy for the link as I dont have it no more!

I've used a lot of different hosting sites but mainly recently,

simply click browse choose yer file, add a description if you like (don't have to,) click on 'share it' and itll upload, after its uploaded the page will change and the download link'll be on it.

kml a mate of mines been learning to play the violin!!

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Sent to Briggsy yesterday - really didn't know what to include so had a rifle through the wallets and Cd singles and came across these 3 rarely heard tracks for a while:

1) Condor II - 'You Can Kiss My...' (Light of Day Mix)

2) Corderoy - 'Drifting' (one of the best trance tracks of the millenium years imo!)

3) Octagen & DJ Dazzle - 'Continuous'

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Mix done i thought id do a more mellow vocal 3 tracker cuz iv got that summer feeling B)

1. Mike Koglin ft. Tania Laila - Find Me (orjan_vocal_mix) (Intution)

2. Airscape & JES - My Love (Johan Gielen Remix) (Tunes For You)

3. Judge Jules & Si Paul - Guide You (Maelstrom)

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