The JJA Board members mix


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Was a mistake on my part - I thought it was a 20min mix, whipped it up, sent it off to Briggsy and realised it was three tracks :(

Hopefully the tunes make up for this - if you don't mind ;)

Thanks again for putting this together, Carl and appreicate whipping up the tracklisting. Need to whip up another mix soon now - this got me itching :)

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Enjoyed these 2 mixes. A nice trip down memory lane too.

I enjoyed doing this too, i did mine live from vinyl, which was a bit of a laugh. Its great to see so many tunes that Jules has supported over the years, and for each of us to pick some of our favourites. Theres so much variety too.

Also, these 2 mixes would give some indication of how good a little members night out would be.

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Ah man I totally missed the completion of the 2nd mix as Ive been away most of the summer. That tracklist looks amazing though. Top effort all round and especially Briggsy... well done for doing this and coming up with the whole concept. This is going straight on the iPod as Ive got a fair bit of driving to do this weekend.. good times.

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