2 Tracks from Nov - Dec 99


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Wahey cool tunes, I'm asking around for ya on the first one.

Mobtown - Underfire ???

I'm unable to find another clip to double check that though. So it might be wrong and I think it is, so I am still asking around.

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It could be this:-


Not sure tho.... but imho this track has a Lange feel to it...

also I think this show is from 11/12/99, Saturday

as we dont have a tracklist for that date and its between the 2 times that Groovaholics - Wake Up The Funk was played by Jules! (10th december & 18th December)

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You know what I think I might be right here..... Evil Angel is produced by Jennings from Hemstock & Jennings, and this track reminds me of Hemstock & Jennings's stuff a bit....

I've asked some people to make a sample of the track from vinyl for me.... waiting to hear back....!

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Just had a thought, surely Jules must've read out the tracklist of the mix at the end of it, didn't he? :S he normally does! :)

No he didn't mate. It cuts straight to Danny Rampling. Believe me it would of saved me a lot of searching if he had. I think the tune was also played by Pete Tong on his show.

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Yeah good job. Is there anywhere else to download it?

Just tried downloading it. It took my money but no track was downloaded...... :wall:

It worked for me! I have sent you a PM - check your inbox by clicking your name in the top right of the board ;)

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