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This was a great set mate. Apart from the very first track which I just find annoying (sorry) the rest is superb. I am usually Trance through and through but this serves as a great review of 2009. I also went to see Laidback Luke on New Year’s day in Manchester and got to see how some of this type of music works in a live club set. It absolutely went off so it was great to hear “Hey” in this mix. I also played a similar style in Derby last weekend for the first of 2 sets I played (2nd being Trance Classics). The mixing is flawless on this mix as well mate and I really like the way it builds and transitions into the Trance in the 2nd half. There are some great choices in that section too. Big thumbs up from me mate.

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Aza’s mix overall wins hardest mix of the bunch. It really brings the energy from the offset with Silio Ecomo’s Uprising – catchy and bangin at the same time. For those used to listening to Aza’s usual trance classics mixes, I think we get to see his darker side here with a definite focus on bangin beats, twisted synths and basslines. There is not a vocal or airy fairy breakdown in sight and I love it! There are lots of tunes here that I’d never heard. At a guess I’d say the tunes probably came out between 2002-2004 when I was much less on the ball with new stuff. Highlights for me were Boca – Play With Me – just love the tune. Also the mix from Land of Drum into Rectifier and then on to Signum’s what you got 4 me is a really good section which flows very nicely. Mixing here is superb. Great work Aza!

There is also a great pace chance from "Fingers Burnt" into "Dark By Design" with a very good mix between the 2. I love the way the mix comes down to purely beats which are all broken beats sitting very nicely together. Then this leads nicely to the eventual drop of the hard-beat of Dark by Design taking the mix to an even harder level towards the end. Coretex - Out There is also a great track - almost feels like a gabber tune with all those nasty sounds.

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Thanks Nathan - really appreciate and enjoyed reading your feedback comments :)

This year I went for something entirely different and wanted to utilise a few tracks that have not been spun so much nor featured in my mixes. How you described "bangin beats, twisted synths and basslines" was brilliant and really happy to see you recognised this as this is entirely what I set out to do. These tracks also gave me opportunity to mix in my more prefered style with energy and variation.

Your right with the tune era 2002-2004. I was more into this stuff as I was in uni and clubbing it up and trying to get out around the Clubs. The scenes there tended to be more harder stuff than my usual trance preferences. Boca – Play With Me was hammered by Jules and Eddie and the other tracks you mentioned around that area are big fave's of mine, especially Cosmic Gate's remix of Urban Train!

That Coretext tune is something I heard Yoji playing once and I was going crazy to it. It is a screamer and right toward the very end of this set is where I thought it would sit and work best before concluding with a great Pulp Fiction sampling tune!

Once again, grateful of your kind comments and value your feedback.

Cheers :)

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haha I've been slowly working through these and have nearly listened to all of them.

Here's a couple of reviews I wrote whilst listening to the sets. I was going to compile them all in one post but still need to write the rest so will kick off with 2.

Ian K:

This was a superb mix, as Aza said, a proper trance set with a great structure to it. It builds nicely through the first 4 or 5 tracks and there are some really nice “bass led” tunes in there which I liked. Then it starts to hit the main room trance peak with JOC’s Out of nowhere, setting the pace for the rest of the set. Sun Decade and Tingle follow on very nicely and of course it all concludes with the huge JVD remix of RAMsterdam. Very well mixed and put together. I thoroughly enjoyed this mix.


I really enjoyed this mix as the tunes on it are so well chosen and laid out in the set. It was a good bit of education also as there were a few tunes I’d never heard before and others which sum up exactly the sort of classics I love (bocaccio life, Cygnus X, Pulser and Energy 52 for example – btw loved hearing the original kid paul mix). Rather childishly though the highlight for me must have been the last track, Seb – Sugarshack. Being a big Happy Hardcore fan it was a nice surprise to hear that in there and I had not heard it before but it’s instantly catchy. Great stuff!

cheers for the comments bud, iv recently put a new mix online today:


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