1999-02-05 - Judge Jules, Studio Session

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1999-02-05 - Judge Jules, Studio Session

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BBC Radio 1

Friday, 5th February 1999

Judge Jules, Studio Session

01. Ruff Driverz Presents Arrola - 'La Musica' (Untidy Dub) [inferno]

02. Baby Blue - 'R.E.S.P.E.C.T.' (A Side Mix) [Tin Tin Club]

03. R.M. Project - 'Get It Up' [inferno]

04. Veracocha - 'Carte Blanche' [Deal Records]

05. Trumpet Thing - 'Don't Need You Back' [XVX]

06. Shut Up & Dance - 'Green Man' (Marco V. & Benjamin Remix) [Talking In Tones]

07. The Chemical Brothers - 'Electronic Battle Weapon 3' [Freestyle Dust]

08. Gouryella - 'Gouryella' [Tsunami]

09. B-Boy - 'Front To Back' (Jonesey Remix) [Caged Records]

10. James Brown - 'Funk On Ah Roll' (Unknown Remix) [inferno]

11. Soup - 'New York - London - Paris - Chicago' (Unknown Remix) [Dropout]

12. Deadly Avenger - 'King Tito's Gloves EP' [illicit Recordings]

13. The Invisible Man - 'Give A Little Love' (Judge Jules Meets Mr Smith) [serious Records]

14. Anthony Atcherley - 'The Radio' [Just Do It]

15. E-17 - 'Betcha Can't Wait' (Sharp Boys Club Mix) [Telstar]

16. Kulay - 'Burn' (Judge Jules Remix) [iNCredible]

17. Scandalous Productions - 'This World' (cat# JACK03) [white label]

18. Dope Smugglaz - 'Double Double Dutch' [Perfecto]

19. Pills - 'Super Harmony' [Mercury]

20. Gold 'n' Delicious - 'Ascension' (Lange Remix) [white label]

21. Johnny Vicious - 'Ecstasy (Take Your Shirts Off)' (DJ Wout Remix) [Promo]

Half Hour Mix

22. OD404 - 'Biofilter E.P' (Original Mix) [Kaktai Records]

23. Mike Ski - 'Welcome' (Mike Ski's Domain Mix) [byte Progressive]

24. Aptness - 'Contact' [white label]

25. Sundance - 'The Living Dream' (Unknown Remix) [React]

26. Floorplay - 'Oh Yeah!' [bitch Records]

27. Lovechild - 'Liberta' (Moonman Remix) [Neo Records Ltd.]

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I was just having a nosey round, and saw no-one had commented on this. Gonna grab it, and report back later when I stick it on the ipod. Love finding old audio like this. Thanks for the upload.

By the way, I had to laugh, the stick we're giving Jules about playing B.E.P. etc, isn't; E-17 - 'Betcha Can't Wait' (Sharp Boys Club Mix) [Telstar], East 17? Although to be fair, the Sharp Boys had a bit of a name for doing tough remixes of pop songs as far as I remember (think they remixed Britney even) *edit; yep: http://www.discogs.com/Britney-Spears-Baby-One-More-Time/release/420965

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  • 2 weeks later...

Sorry, forgot to write back on this. Interesting one this. Not a classic in the 'anthems' sense, but loads of the excellent funky house Jules used to cane on this. Less of the better known anthems. Although still pitched up to the max as was par for the course then! As I said, love bits of audio like this, with some stuff I'd never heard. The Viagra tune!!!!!!! What the hell? Funny as feck.

Agree bout the E17 track too, although all the Sharp Boys stuff was ace to be fair. Love the way they used to try and disguise who the real artist was. I remember Jules playing a Yomanda mix called 'G' or something like that on white label. Turned out to be Geri Halliwell's Bag It Up!

Thanks again for the upload.

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Welll the promo dp of Geri with Yomanda mixes on had G as the artist so.. Masterson did mixes under his real name for one promo and then Yomanda for tother, random fact ;):lol: Sharp Boys were excellent back then, they came back a few years ago with a watered down sound, lost their goodness really.

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Gold N Delicious, what a tune that is. Probably Lange's best remix, why on earth this was never released is beyond me.

It was a sample clearance. I can't remember for the life of me now what exactly was the problem but that was definitely what prevented it coming out back in early 99. It was pencilled in for Serious records, according to Lange's website.

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Just listened to this show again as the file was laying around on the desktop, what a show this is. It was unusual for Jules to play this funky throughout, but he used to do it so well. I'm desperate to know the track Unknown "The World". I remember when i listened back in the day, this track and its one of those annoying tunes you love, but never know the full details of it. Jules hammered quite a bit in the day,.

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"Contact" could be an unreleased track from Aptness or maybe it just never made it to Discogs.

Try ask the guys by their respective Soundclouds or Facebook:




Btw, I just noticed that at the Discogs entry for "Aptness - The Answer", this is noted:

Mentioned on sleeve:

"Radio 1's Judge Jules 'Tried & Tested'"

It must be one of the tracks picked as T&T in those months of 99 that we don't have any records of (January - June).

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  • 6 months later...

Initially enticed by Veracocha and Gouryella so early in the listing so for me really picks up later with Gold 'n' Delicious and was pleasantly surprised with the end mix, not really recognising the track names etc......nice one .... :thumbsup:

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