1999-08-06 - Judge Jules, Live From Bar M, Ibiza (45 mins)

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15 minutes ago, Weaver123 said:

I appreciate its been a while so its highly possible no one will see this...but in case you are out there still... i just want to say thank you for showing a little bit of love for the Dream Mission remix from way back when. I happen to stumble across this thread when trying to find one of the shows that Jules played the track to show to a friend and it put a real smile on my face.


As an added bonus - SM1 meant 'Secret Mission 1' - it was the first of two remixes we did...the second was 'Good Shot' by Hands Burn...another on the Spot on label.


As an even better bonus....I have an mp3 if you weren't lucky enough to have a vinyl copy.


Hi there, welcome to the forum mate!


I loved your version of Dream Mission, was gutted when I bought a vinyl thinking that your version was the original and it wasn't (this was pre-discogs, so didnt realise the track originally was from a few years earlier). Would be amazing to grab the mp3 of it!

Cheers :)

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Hello Weaver, wow, I would love a copy too please fine person (have to be gender neutral these days!). It's great when people like you who did unofficial remixes or never released / hard to obtain tracks from years ago surface.  Had you been making your own tracks prior? or did you continue to make music after? . Cheers.

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Not sure if this has already been mentioned but this same mix is also available on YouTube but it includes 4 additional tracks at the beginning so 15 tracks in total.


01. Fragma - Toca Me (In Petto Remix)

02. Progress Pres. The Boy Wunda - Everybody

03. Agnelli & Nelson - Everyday

04. Starfighter - Apache


Lovin this site BTW, I recorded many Judge Jules shows on a Friday night during the late 90's and usually before I drove to London to dance the night away at The Fridge (Brixton). I'm also pretty sure I have the full recording of this show but whether it stood the test of time I don't know, my tape decks sound a little slow and wierd now. I'll see if I can find that tape and try and upload it.




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