Digger - 'Episode 1 (Church of Ra)'


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Got just about £20 when I chucked my copy in good/v good (yes I know shame on me for somehow letting condition degrade so badly :() condition earlier this year. Thing is I think by now all the mixes on that doublepack can be bought now anyhows seperately on 12's or by download.

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no one knew who the mystery producers behind digger were :(

I reckoned it was an alias for someone big


Digger did other stuff beside the famous Episodes though, and I reckon he was British having chosen names like "Godfather" and "Gatwick" for some of his other tracks...

who knows?!

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I do agree, though you have to have listened to the whole tune ideally to realize its perfect structure.

Some audio clips I just ripped for your delectation, anyway:

http://www.judgejulesarchive.co.uk/audio/u...nown/id016a.mp3 (352kb)

http://www.judgejulesarchive.co.uk/audio/u...nown/id016b.mp3 (663kb)

I promise you by the end of the second clip you'll be tapping something along with it :D

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It's a great tune - Jules absolutely caned it, and it was one of the sounds of 99 for me.

Despite its greatness, the price people are charging for is probably due to the fact that the Casa Nostra release was extremely limited? And once people get their copy, they are unlikely to let go so demand increases!

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