2001-08-25 - Judge Jules, Creamfields, Liverpool


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2001-08-25 - Judge Jules, Creamfields, Liverpool

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01. Junior Jack - 'Thrill Me' [PIAS]
02. Chuck Cogan - 'Voodoo' [inferno]
03. DJ Elite - 'That Fuct Camera' [white label]
04. Miss Shiva - 'Dreams' (Cosmic Gate Mix) [VC]
05. Brainbug - 'Nightmare' (Sinister Strings Mix) [Additive]
06. Dee Jay Punk Roc - 'Blow My Mind' (Plump DJs Remix) [Air Dog]
07. Multiplicity - 'Python' (Pablo Gargano Remix) [superstition]
08. Motivation - 'Para Mi' (Intrique Deep Bass Attack) [Definitive]
09. Terry Bones - 'Getaway' [Fog Area]
10. Crazy Masters - 'Different Tone' [mini white]
11. Slymixer - 'Remember Camels' [white label: SLMX001]
12. Angelic - 'Stay With Me' [serious]

Judge Jules' Tried & Tested
13. PPK - 'Resurrection' [Perfecto]

14. DJ Tiësto - 'Suburban Train' [VC/Nebula]
15. 2 Men Ahead - 'Blue Moon' [bMG]
16. The Love Committee - 'You Can't Stop Us' (K Paul Mix) [Low Spirit]

Judge For Yourself
17. Taiko - 'Silence' [Nukleuz]

18. Ant & James Kinetec - 'Switch' (Side AA) [Power Tools]
19. Windsider - 'Hidden Flight' [HF 001 / HIDDEN001]
20. Cosmosonic - 'Alfa' [Waterworld]
21. Push - 'The Legacy' (Club Mix) [inferno]
22. V-Three - 'Zuluu' [bonzai]


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Absolutely love that Dj Punk rock tune (it's the Plump Djs remix as a by the by). That bassline wouldn't sound out of place in the harshest of dubstep tunes today. So symptomatic of the diversity of Jules at the time, and the complete confidence to not play it safe like many others, and drop something like that on such a massive stage.

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Excellent live broadcast possessing a great selection of tunes which really capture the live feel and energy of Creamfields without being overbearing.

Incidentally, an event I was present for as one of my first ever dance music festivals along with Global Gathering and Gatecrasher Summer Sound System also on my itinerary in 2001. I remember waiting ages on dial-up to download this set via Soulseek the week after, leaving my computer on during the day while I was at School!

I particularly like the, "Oh, ****!" mixing moment when he brings in Chuck Cogan - Voodoo too early then bails out for the Junior Jack breakdown; he should have rolled with the mix in my view.

Not so keen on the Martin Luther King speech over Suburban Train. His use of this has been discussed at length before I am sure, but this would have had much greater impact if he had left the speech to play out over the breakdown instead of showing his relatively poor scratching skills.

Tracklist corrections:

05. Brainbug - 'Nightmare' (Sinister Strings Mix) [Additive]

06. Dee Jay Punk Roc - 'Blow My Mind' (Plump DJs Remix) [Air Dog] (As correctly pointed out by Milkybarkid).


21. Push - 'The Legacy' (Club Mix) [inferno]

The Plump DJs were really on form in this era. Big Groovy F***** being a distinct favourite. Their new-school techy breaks really hit the spot.

I have played this set many times over but couldn't resist another listen today. :thumbsup:

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I don't think so. I had arranged to meet up with some of the JJnet boarders but bottled it and did my own thing. Sounds silly, but given my age, I shouldn't have been alowed in at all. JJnet, at the time, seemed full of proper grown ups. Later that year I went clubbing a lot with people from the TranceAddict forums who were all closer to my own age/situation. Finally started to met the JJnet peeps in 2002.

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