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Great to see all the new members, just a shame so many of them are "1 post" people

Hi all, I was absolutely astounded last night when, after talking to my husband about the Gatecrasher vs Ministry of sound event at Lotherton Hall in Leeds 1998, I Google it to find this site. To say

Hi, new to the site. Been listening to jj for prob around 25yrs, obviously clubbing days are over but still love the tunes. Ibiza was a firm favourite, judgement Sunday was usually on the first night

Hey guys, just found this site while reminiscing my old clubbing days, was recently watching the Rapture TV that is uploaded on youtube. Searching for the Radio One Dance Party @ Whitley Bay brought me here. Many thanks to the team and Uploader for the set. At the time I was based in Germany, and as soon as we hit UK Soil, on popped the Judge on Radio 1,. good times. :thumbsup:

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Hey everyone.

Just joined as I am currently on a mission, alongside a friend, to find a specific remix of Star 69 that Mauro Picotto used to play in the early noughties - there's a good chance there's audio of it on one of the downloads on this site.

Used to be a big fan of JJ too. I'm from Stoke and saw him a number of time at Golden @ The Void - usually for bank holiday specials.

Good times. Unfortunately Stoke lost much its house music culture many years ago and is no longer one of the clubbing capitals of the UK... :(

Anyhoo...pleasure to meet you all! *waves*

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Hi everyone just popping on to say hi.

soooooo glad I’ve found this website. I literally used to follow jules around ( not stalker like! ) the clubs from 1999 to when he was last at crasher 2 years ago. I was lucky enough to be in / work in the Godskitchen dj box rom 2003 till 2012 so got quite friendly with him and his driver Pete, ( I’m sure it’s Pete, he’s a Liverpool fan! )

im literally going to fill up my iPad with downloads now.

thanks to everyone who’s put this together and made it possible.

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Hi there everybody.  I was a huge Judge Jules fan in 2000/2001.  At age 10 my parents allowed me to stay up to listen to Judge Jules every Friday night.  I still have a few Friday night 9pm - 11pm shows from around February, March and April on cassette tapes.  A lot either got damaged or recorded over in 2002 when my Judge Jules faze went including a recording I made of Judge Jules live at Gatecrasher in Belfast on NYE 31st January 2000 which I sadly don't have any more.  One I still have kept though from sometime around March 2000 is when he ended the 9.30pm 15 minute minimix bit with a remix of York - The Awakening.  Can't remember the exact date this was though.  As they were 90 minutes long I could never get the last half hour on.  Would like to see if the tapes still play after all this time with finding this forum.

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Welcome Jonathan!

We're always very interested in recordings from the 'golden era' around the millennium :)

Perhaps you mean this mix?


He is ending with 'York - 'Reachers Of Civilization' though.

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Hi, new to the site. Been listening to jj for prob around 25yrs, obviously clubbing days are over but still love the tunes. Ibiza was a firm favourite, judgement Sunday was usually on the first night we got there :)

ive got loads of the essential mixes from years ago, back when Napster used to be decent.

Does anyone have any of these live stream lockdown things he’s doing on download? 
I know they aren’t the same as the old stuff but still worth a listen :)


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Hi guys. Long time member under another name. About the beginning of 2019 I've been going through a ton of his classic sets collecting what he has played. This has led me to completing quite a number of his tracklists with the correct track titles B)


Thankfully you guys have done a lot of legwork in the tracklists but I'm finding many sets are missing the correct track names, correct mixes or even typo's that have made trying to find tracks challenging. Most of my spare time has been either taken up with the channel or correcting tracklists but I'm getting there!! As a big fan of Judge Jules I've collected over the years quite a large amount of his tracks in a digital format and have started up again recently collecting vinyl of tracks I can't find. However as I'm located in Western Australia, shipping costs lately has not made this a cheap exercise!!


So in short, everything you see uploaded to my channel is 99.9% correct. A fair amount of live mixes I've remastered as best as I can to correct audio and bring some clarity and bass back. Also I have a fair amount of tracks played by Judge Jules on the channel with a JJ playlist. Hope you all enjoy them and I hope to find some time to post a bit more here :D 

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