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i'm desperately trying to find a set on a judge jules show from many moons ago. it had sonique doing a 20-30 minute set in the middle of it...singing over the top of the songs. put a spell on you was one of the songs but it was a much harder mix than the standard fluff that was pedaled out to the masses. had it on cassette but its gone and i cant find the bloody thing. guess it must have been about 1998-2000. any help very much appreciated. cheers

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sounds promising...

her set starts with her singing something along the lines of "if you're wondering what my name's sonique" ['repeat a few times], before she really tucks into it

it might or might not be helpful also but mr jules uses the phrase....."more front than an out of town retail park" at some point during the show and there was a sos band/cherelle/alexander o'neil mix done of saturday love as well.

here's hoping

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Hi there and welcome.... could this be the set I uploaded, I don't remember that Jules quote but she sings 'Spell on you' in her free style kinda way and the lines 'I wanna go a little craz-zee uh ummm or maybe I already am oh yeah I've forgotten'....? I simply love this sesh and it's housed in the miscellaneous audio archive.....DO hope it's what your after!

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The set Chewbains is referring to is this one:

approx. 17 minutes into that set, she sing's 'Spell on you'... sounds like she just sings her own stuff on top of another track, but It could be a remix.

There is also the set from Whitley bay where she plays a set, but that's from 2001...

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On 3/6/2014 at 7:08 AM, Searchy said:

anyone got the Radio One broadcast from Pride in the Park 2003? That had a set by Sonique at the end. Was mega! The whole thing was actually... apart from Boy George ha.


I know you posted this a while back but this is up on Mixcloud if you a still looking, bit of a crap recording though. 

I got a couple of staff passes for this as my Dad was supplying some of the Equipment for it, needless to say, me and a mate spent the afternoon making the most of the Radio One backstage free bar. Gina G was performing on another stage that day but decided to join us at that bar. I had a professional camcorder with me and filmed some of it, Sonique is defiantly doing her thing on the recording but have no idea where the tape is.I'll chuck it up on Youtube if I find it.

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