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01. Alesso - 'Raise Your Head' [Refune Records]

02. Mark Sherry - 'Silent Tears' (DJ Mog Remix) [Reset Records]

03. Deadmau5 - 'Aural Psynapse' [ultra Records]

04. Michael Woods - 'Last Day On Earth' [Diffused]

05. John Dahlbäck - The Grunge [Muttant Records]

06. Goodwill & Hook & Sling - 'Take You Higher' []

07. Gofman & Tsukerman - 'Darko' [Pilot 6]

08. Swedish House Mafia vs Knifeparty - 'Antidote' []

09. Modestep - 'To The Stars' (J&T Project Remix)

10. Kyau & Albert - 'Are You Fine' (Arty Remix)[]

11. Arty - 'Around The World' (Tonka’s Afro Trance Mix) [Anjunabeats]

12. Superbad - 'So Alive' (Lee Osbourne Remix) []


13. Tristan D Presents Hands Burn - 'Good Shot 2011' [White Label]

14. Hand's Burn - 'Good Shot' (Fontaine and Vern Remix) [spot On/NTL]

15. Hand's Burn - 'Good Shot' [Essential Recordings]

Tried & Tested

16. Vada - 'Fire In The Sky' (Stineface & Terminal Remix) []

17. Lana Del Rey - 'Video Games' (J&T Project Remix) []

18. Gareth Emery - 'Tokyo' [Garuda]

DJ Relay Nitrous Oxide

19. Ørjan Nilsen - 'Viking' [Armind]

20. Kasper Kochker - 'Suspicious' (Matthew Nagle Remix) []

The Classic

21. Azzido Da Bass - 'Dooms Night' (Timo Mass Remix)

The Big Room Mix

22. The Love People - 'The One' []

23. Jessus - 'Stereophonic' [Coldharbour]

24. Klauss Goulart vs Ronski Speed feat Emma Hewitt - 'Lasting Light Universe' (Michael Lewis Mash Up) []

25. Peter Robinson - Unison {Owsla}

26. Dreamcatcher feat Jesso - 'I Don’t Wanna Lose My Way' (Tenishia Remix) []

27. Lee Haslam - 'Venegeance' []

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07. Gofman & Tsukerman - 'Darko' [Pilot 6]

DJ En Route: Freddie Le Grand

25. Peter Robinson - Unison {Owsla}

26. Dreamcatcher feat Jesso - 'I Don’t Wanna Lose My Way' (Tenishia Remix) []

27. Lee Haslam - 'Venegeance' []

Jason, please could you amend t/l, cheers in advance :)

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Is it possible to have a show without anything by Tristan D in it?

I'm all for artists being supported - but Jules ignores so many good producers, yet will accomodate loads of Tristan D stuff - which, is only ever average at best. I can't think of one production, remix or bootleg that Tristan D has done that has stood out.

The fact that no other DJ, other than Jules, supports his productions suggests that they're just not of a high enough standard to be supported by credible DJs.

Sorry Jules, but you need another 'assitant/filterer/whatever they're called these days'. Tristan is a poor DJ, an average producer, and it seems as though he is trying to make a name for himself by working for you and living off your name because he's not good enough to 'break-through' on his own.

Give him your "somebody screeeeam" voiceovers, some T&D Project bootlegs and send him to a Luminar Leisure venue. Should fit in a treat then!


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