Judge Jules to leave Radio 1.

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jules will now focus on the global warm up show , which will have nothing to do with radio one ,still a bad move for R1 ...

Big news indeed all this. Love him or hate him, what a great service Jules has been to fly the dance music flag for Britain for so long on national radio. Bravo, and thank you Jules.

I'd just about turned 14 when I started listening to Jules and buying vinyl, what great times they were , how things have changed. Listening to the show now and as for the current rubbish 1st hour, I

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Just listening back to the old show and such a shame it was not live. It kinda sounds like all the links are are pre done dry and they just added it in later. I always preferred the days when he was on at 5pm and did the show live and left the mistakes in. Nice mix for the final hour though.

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