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Oh.. why he leaves radio 1, where can read about this news?

And about podcasts - i see only 12 podcasts in itunes, maybe this show translates on radio or when people can listen online this programm? :)

There was a lot of articles about him leaving Radio 1 - this thread has a lot of stuff in it and the full article ishere -

The best place to check for the podcasts is probably Jules' official site -

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5 podcasts only, i thought that will be more. So, he will continue DJ career and start career of lawyer. How he plan be DJ and lawyer at the same time? Is this possible?

Or Entertainment Lawyer at Sheridans is label?

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Understood. Funny was if Jules was lawyer-DJ.

No worries - welcome to the board :)

Oh, Thanks! :) I have ~20 records from radio 1 of 2005 year of Global and Saturday warmup, upload later.

Well .... We'll just have to wait and see how the DJ vs Lawyer thing works out.

Tranza, what country are you from? :)

Was born from Monte-Carlo :)

Are the Global Warmup Radio shows any good?

Sure, I like, but listened to this show may be in 2006 last.

So, does anything know where can listen this show online?

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Hm, this really problem, because I have records of programs "Saturday Warm Up" and "Global Warm Up" for half-year, that was in 2005. And 1 program in 2006.

Well, I can try reduce the file size, if convert from bitrate 192kbps to 128kbps. Then file will be ~120mb.

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Don't reduce the quality! We like high bitrates....

Upload the file to a file-sharing website like and then message us the link (please also send us the "delete" password so we can erase it afterwards).

Then we will upload it on here for you, because as administrators we can bypass the filesize limit :)

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Well, i saw personal archive and searched 15 new records - 14 from 2005 year and 1 from 2006, try upload all files on This really problem because I have 50 kb/s only and wait 12 hours. If someone want download or upload there you can use hubs and program Apex DC++ or Strong DC++ and download will be faster.

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