Judge Jules 26/01/2008 & 21/06/2008

Charlie Lane

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  • 2 weeks later...

I should have them so will look them out tomorrow.

Hi Charlie, l'm in a state of shock at the moment as the external hard drive l use to store all old mp3 files isn't working :o I've been meaning to do another back up of all my files and recently bought a 1TWD Elements external hard drive to do this but l've been too busy. :( . The only good thing is l do have all Jules's shows on cassette!


Good news, the external hard drive is fine, just doesn't like my computer, my friend is going to sort it out tomorrow, what a relief :D

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This is the link to Jules Radio 1 show 26.1.2008 http://i.mixcloud.com/CBU4U8

Tracklisting 26.1.2008

Richard Durand - Ledged Up (Terminal)

Agnelli & Nelson - Just When [Dj Mog & Phil Crawf Mix] (Deep Blue)

Heatbeat pres Mathias Faint – ‘Sxing’ (In Charge)

John Askew On The Phone

Ercola V Heikki L - Deep At Night [Adam K & Soha Mix] (Nervous/Data)

3 Track Mix

Will Atkinson – Showoff

Skunk Anansie – ‘Brazen Weep’ [Richard Durand Rmx] (New State)

Gareth Emery - This Is That (Five Am)

Marco V On The Phone

Sander Van Doorn - The Bass (Nebula)

Unknown - Rockin Up Radio (White Label)

Moongate – Constantine (Emotive Vibes)

Mark Knight On The Phone

John Dahlback - Blink [Dim Chris Mix] (Vendetta)

3 Track Mix

Marcel Woods Vs. Public Domain - Operation Cherry Blossom [Chaz Dos Santos Bootleg] (White Label)

Ashley Wallbridge Ft. Meighan Nealon - I Believe [Gareth Emery Mix] (Lyon Echo)

Duderstadt & Kirsty Hawkshaw - Beatitude [Marcus Schossow Remix Judge Jules Edit] (Afterglow)

Tube & Berger – ‘The Young & The Wild Ones’(Glenn Morrison Remix) (Captivating Sounds)

Unknown – Haywire (White Label)

Sean Tyas On The Phone

Gareth Emery- More Than Anything [Richard F Mix] (Five AM)

D. Ramirez & Mark Knight - Columbian Soul (Toolroom)

Yoji - Techy Techy (Hellhouse)

Mac & Taylor – Devastation Culture (Couture)

E-Unit - Nowhere Else On Earth (Curwe)

Envio - For You (A State Of Trance)

Cirez D – Teaser [Deadmau5 Rmx Version 1] (Mouseville)

The Recovery Record – Marcel Wood’s Choice

Luzon – The Baguio Track (Yos***oshi)

The swear filters in effect ha ha

Also should the chaz de santos be as listed in this track list or like in eddies show tl:

Chad Dossantos – ‘Operation Cherry Blossom’ (White)

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This is the tracklisting for Jules R1 show on 21.6.2008 and this is the link http://i.mixcloud.com/CBU4qZ

21 June 2008

Brian Cross – Paradise (DJ Observer Mix) (In Charge)

Daniel Wanrooy – Dominica (Black Hole)

E.Craig – Home (Chaz’s Boot) (White Label)

Will Atkinson – Slipped Disk (White Label)

Marcel Woods – Beautiful Mind 08 (High Contrast)

Trebbiano – Mulberry Harbour (Sied Van Riel Mix) (Black Hole)

Greg Downey Interview

Manson – Wide Open Space (Greg Downey Mix) (White Label)

W-Unit – Always Brazil (White Label)

Swen Webber – The Pusher (Swentraxx)

MW – Outside Mind (White Label)

U41CDJs ft SB – Generation (Dale Corderoy Mix) (White Label)

Jochen Miller – Lost Connection (Jochen Miller Remix) (High Contrast)

Marcus Schossow Interview

SVD Vs Coldplay (White Label)


John Dahlback – Changes (Abel Ramos Mix) (Pickadoll for the Plantage)

Mark Norman – Bazarus (Magik Muzik)

Off Key – Showdown (Flashover)

Mr Sam Vs T99 – Anasthasia (White Label)

Martin Roth Interview

Gianluca Motta – Not Alone (Martin Roth Mix) (Nettwerk)

Judge Jules In The Mix

Andy Tau – The Path (Infransonic)

Hybrid – Harm (Talla Mix) (Spinnin)

Mark Sherry PR Outburst – A Star Within A Star (White Label)

Future Disciple – 28 Tracks Later (Scott Attrill Remix) (White Label)

Airwave – Sunshine In Your Heart (Bonzai Trance Progressive)

Simon Patterson Interview

Sugur Ross – Samskeyti (Emi)

Taken directly from BBC, please feel free to add/correct

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