horror cabaret


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Just has a look for that on discogs and its Written-By, Producer – David Rzenno

, Dirk Nothroff. i thought that closet recordings was souly for jules and mastersons tunes, but it appears that they have signed other artists from outside the fold.

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Stumbled upon this on internet:


CLOS 01 Organic Overload - Portamento Passout (2000)

CLOS 02 Floorgasm - Have A Nice Day (2001)

CLOS 03 VPL - The Bassline (2001)

CLOS 05 Chi Chi Hernandez - Who's That (2001)

CLOS 07 VPL T- Break (2002)

CLOS 08 Syntone - Can't Believe It (2003)

CLOS 09 VPL - Bass Trouble (2003)

CLOS 10 Drugface - C**tmaster (2003)

CLOS 11 VPL - It's Showtime (2003)

CLOS 12 VPL - In The Park (2003)

CLOS 13 Celine Diablo - Shy (2004)

Surprised no Closet 06?

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  • 9 years later...

After re-listening to a Jules Recording from 1999 I did some more investigation into Celine Diablo - Horror Cabaret.


To summarise the situation, Horror Cabaret was a Masterson and Jules co-production which was not released formally on Closet, Jules' small imprint for their tech-trance productions.  The tune was given modest support by Jules on the radio and when playing out live in late 1999.


For two examples of this listen to Naughty But Nice (Nov 99) and Judge Jules Friday Night (24-12-1999).  You will notice that there is a difference in the two tracks though with the latter having additional production, most notably a significantly more developed lead section.


While Horror Cabaret wasn't given a formal vinyl release, apparently a complete recording was released on a Ministry Mag Cover CD, Class of 99, which came with the January 2000 edition of Ministry Mag (Discogs).  However, this is the initial less developed version as recorded in the Naughty But Nice recording from Nov 99.


This could explain why it wasn't released on Closet, if licensing issues to Ministry prevented a subsequent release.  It could of course have been because Jules and Masterson didn't feel it was up to releasable standard as they did with Hi-Gate - Tantrum, or Martha - Arthur for example.  The fact that they re-recorded a second version seems to support the latter theory, though this wasn't communion back in the day.


For those interested, this cover CD has been uploaded to YouTube by someone and you can listen to this recording of Horror Cabaret here:


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