Recording Radio Shows

Charlie Lane

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Depends how you are doing it. Are you recording from a radio or other device into your line in on your computer, or are you trying to save an online stream?

if you are recording via line in then it might be worth looking at messer:-

It's a bit old now but it does the trick. You have to download the lame mp3.enc seperatley, but it says how to set it all up on the site. I used to use this to record jules' shows in 2005/6 through my dab radio plugin. Best thing about this as well is that there is a timer record feature on it, and it can shut down your computer after it's finished recording.

You can record anything that goes through your soundcard by changing the settings from capturing from line in to capturing from your soundcard, for example just open a stream and it will record whatever is coming through the speakers. But there's always the risk of outside noises like windows error's etc getting on there. If your capturing a live stream your better off with something like Net Transport that saves it directly.

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