2002-08-24 - Judge Jules, Live at Creamfields


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2002-08-24 - Judge Jules, Live at Creamfields

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01. Mogwai pres. Punx - 'The Rock' [Data]

02. Paul Masterson pres. Sushi - 'The Earthshaker' [You Clash/NuLife]

03. DJ Sandy pres. Housetrap - 'Overdrive' (Scott Mac vs DJ Cam Overdriven Mix) [Positiva]

04. Jurgen Vries - 'The Opera Song' [Direction]

05. Members Of Mayday vs. Superchumbo - '10 Revolutions In 01' [white label cat#12REVOLT001]

06. System F - 'Needle Juice' [Tsunami]

07. The Speakerfreaks - 'POS 51' (Scott Mac Mix) [white label]

08. Mikito - 'Me, Be, She, Be' [safety In Numbers]

09. VPL - 'T-Break' (Original Mix) [Closet]

10. VPL - 'T-Break' (Steve Murano Mix) [Closet]

11. Jurgen Vries - 'The Theme' [Direction]

12. Hi-Gate - 'Hurricane' [incentive]

13. Frank Trax - 'Nebuchan' [Neo]

Judge Jules' Tried and Tested

14. Jamie Anderson - 'I Can't Stop' (Dave Angel Rework) [Artform]

15. VPL - 'Bass Trouble' [Closet]

16. E-Ject - 'The Pressure' [safety In Numbers]

17. Warrior - 'If You Want Me' [incentive]

18. Renato Cohen - 'Pontape' [intec]

DJ Tiësto Guest Mix

19. King Unique - 'Sugarhigh' [Junior]

20. Perpetuous Dreamer - 'The Sound Of Goodbye' (Robbie Rivera Mix) [Nervous]

21. The Ambush - 'Acapulco' [Perfecto]

22. Fabio MC - 'Tortured' [bXR]

23. Katana - 'Dulce Vita' [Tri Lamb]


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Awesome set this, definately sure number 11 is Hi-Gate 'Hurricane'

It is, but the original name at the time was Stadium Rox and they changed it at the last minute. Not sure why!

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I have Hurricane on vinyl somewhere. There's the Dub version on there, and on the other side a vocal version which I don't remember Jules playing at all.

I remember the Opera Song being called 'Alphaland' or something, and under Darren Tate and not Jurgen Vries.

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Hah, I just realized that Jules actually plays first the Original Mix and then the Steve Murano Mix of his very own tune VPL - 'T-Break'.

You Brits and your T-Breaks ;-)

Geek alert - I believe Jules has only done this once before in a R1 broadcast (consecutive plays of the same track, just different mixes) - and that was in that very special 2001 9/11 anniversary show where he mixed together a couple of mixes of Motivation - Para Mi back-to-back :)

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I was there for this one! At the time I though that T-Break sounded pretty awesome on the Radio 1 system. :thumbsup:

Creamfileds 2002 was a bit of a struggle all told. I was really tired that day so an all night rave was hard going. I remember sitting at the back of Paul Okenfold and falling asleep. He was playing quite boring tunes so I'd like to blame it on them but I was just knackered. :rubbish:

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On 11/7/2017 at 4:46 PM, Number2Fan said:

I was here Spin Doctor! I knew I’d met you! Don’t you remember?


I do kind of remember meeting some JJ Message Board members that day, but I must admit exactly who escapes me.


I spend most of the event with one of my mates from School (!) and a friend I'd made at the first ever GKGG in 2001.


Very bad to admit forgetting to meet every, and how I'd forget the famous No2 fan I'll never know! ;)


Can you remember who was there?


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