Digital Society, Leeds, 5th October 2012


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Sir Steve, a long time since your last outing on here! Guard of honour....

Ben Gold and Will Holland are the quiet gems in this lineup, looks good sir!

Quadders! Still wielding your medieval sword I see :thumbsup:

I suspect the night will see the decent DJs on early playing warm-up sets, or after PVD by which time my almost-40 year old legs will have given way. This has all the makings of picking a Grand National winner, looks good on paper, but lucky dip on the night.

I'll be interested to see what the club is like, having known it as the Town & Country and then Creation. I hear its more like the T&C now, which was how I preferred it. Its alsowhere I met the wife. :thumbsup:

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Great to see you back on here Steve and to see your old avatar, love it!

Really sorry l can't make this one as it would have been great to have meet up with you and the other members who are going.

I was @ the 02 Academy in June to see "Full On Ferry" and really enjoyed it there. Great sets from all the dj's l saw that night including Jules who didn't mention "Hands in The Air" once and played an awesome set, the first 30 mins back to back with Ferry. :thumbsup:

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