Gatecrasher Birmingham 'We are 4' Part 4: Judge Jules, Scott Bond, Seb Fontaine b2b Tall Paul, Signum, Solarstone


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Been a lot of posts regarding this on the Hardwick board.

Crasher have said that while the night will focus predominantly on the Red & Black "era" of music that there will be scope of DJs to play other tracks too.

Which means you could have absolute classics alongside the absolute shite that some of those DJs now play.

I doubt I will make it, but may be tempted if friends decide they fancy it

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A Signum classics set will be good - as will a Tall Paul set.

Seb Fontaine could go either way. If the 1997-2000 Seb Fontaine turns up, his set should be good too.

You just know that Jules is going to wreck that night though.

Its Gatecrasher though - so I wouldn't be too surprised if two of those DJs don't turn up. The line-up has already been revised from the original line-up.

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The legend that is Judge Jules takes some time out of his hectic schedule to grab a few words with Gatecrasher ahead of his performance at the Red & Black night at Gatecrasher Birmingham on Saturday 13th October. The Judge will be joined by...


Scott Bond, Solarstone, Signum and the exclusive Tall Paul b2b Seb Fontaine. Tickets are available at #itwillalwaysbewithyou

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Did Solarstone play then? I thought it was Signum that came on after. As they were all running slightly late, I thought Solarstone had pulled out. Would explain why one of Solarstone's most recent productions was played straight after Scott Bond, but I left then anyway as I was getting tired. :)

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