2005-06-04 - Judge Jules, Studio Session

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2005-06-04 - Judge Jules, Studio Session

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01. Axwell - 'Feel The Vibe' (Vocal Mix) [Nero]

02. Jamie Ballantyne - 'My Heart' [white label]

03. Meck - 'Thunder In My Heart Again' [white label]

04. Kujay da da - 'Let It Play' [white label]

05. Ignition - 'Airtight' [white label]

06. Markus Gardeweg - 'Hello' [Recess]

07. Les Rhythm Digitales - 'Jacques Your Body (Make Me Sweat)' (Unknown Remix) [white label]

08. Fischerspooner - 'Never Win' (Benni Benassi Mix) [Capitol]

09. Ein Music - 'Jittery Heritage' [Virgin]

10. Dynamic Sense - 'Get Your Feet Back On The Ground' [white label]


Judge Jules' Tried & Tested

11. Coldplay - 'Speed Of Sound' (Karl G Mix) [white label]


12. Signalrunners - '3000 Miles' [Five AM]

13. Coburn - 'We Interrupt This Program' (Interrupted Vocal Mix) [Great Stuff]

14. Pearl Jam vs. Invisible Man - 'Better Man' [white label]

15. Headstrong - 'Close Your Eyes' (Matt Darey Mix) [Darey Products]

16. BK & Judge Jules - 'Seizure' [Riot! Recordings]

17. Mr Sam - 'Lyteo' (Rank 1 Mix) [black Hole]

18. Above & Beyond feat. Andy Moor - 'Air For Life' [Anjunabeats]

19. George Acosta - 'Melodrama' [Five AM]


Half Hour Mix

20. 4 Strings - 'Sunrise' [spinnin]

21. Carbon - 'Shelter Me' [big Star]

22. Modulation - 'Sky' (K-System Mix) [big Star]

23. DJ Atmospherik - 'Aquarius Reloaded' [white label]

24. Scott Mac - 'Watching You' [Limit]

25. Marcel Woods vs. Jesselyn - 'Fauna' [silicon]


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  • 8 months later...

Jamie, welcome.

You have posted once so it should let you download the file now. Try it again and if you are still having problems, send me a PM on this board.

About the track, can you reveal any info on how you made it, or whether you got any labels interested? I'm sure there are plenty of members on here who would be curious :)

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  • 7 years later...

Sorry it has taken me 8 years to reply - it was a bootleg of love and pride by king that I did, judge jules started playing along with a few others at the time, then some German guy called Daniel hope I think stole the idea (even though I stole it from king anyway!) then he released it and had a good DJing career out of it, I never made a penny out of it myself. Not that that’s why I made it though. 
I did a few things after under the name station x which is on YouTube but nothing too great or successful... 

what a great heartwarming  story!

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