'I Know You Got Soul' remix played by Tong, Comic Relief 2003, Battle Of The DJ's.

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Hi all,

I know this is the wrong place for record id's, but the unknown tracks list doesn't highlight new posts!

I'm looking for the name of the remix of Eric B & Rakim's 'I Know You Got Soul' which was played by Pete Tong in the first round of the Battle Of The DJ's on Radio 1 for Comic Relief in 2003. It was a house remix of the hip hop classic, and I can find no further detail online.

Cheers for any help in advance.


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On 8/25/2013 at 3:53 PM, drtim said:

No that's not it mate, but thanks for trying. Might have to see if I can post it here to be id'd.


  If you haven’t found it... This is the exact version of Eric B and Rakim track he played as his opening 1st round track at the Comic Relief Dj battle back in 2003, i recorded it on Tape Casette, Great version this

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the only tune I have that was spun by judge Jules is this I personal think the other side is better very hard to mix out of. I have others so not really the truth.


I only bought this because judge Jules had spun this in one of sets Burien posted a message on discogs :)


its a nice tune but so fucking hard to mix out .




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