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For me Jules seemed to be at his best right from about 95 or 96 during the euro house era, right through to about 2005 for me. The trance era is always his most noticable time, but his sets through those 10 or so years always contain so much energy and effort. Can easily listen to a 97 show, then hear something from 2003 like creamfields.

The last Jules "point" if you like that I can relate back to, is probably that Essential Mix he did in summer 2006 with Sander Van Doorn. I remember staying up and recording it from DAB, he was playing stuff like Cherry Blossom by Marcel Woods, Team Sr Leaving London, Super8 Get Off. 2006 was probably the last year before things spun away for me.

One of my fave DJ's/producers right now is Shadow Child (aka Dave Spoon). He's championing the style which is a greatful breakaway from this EDM crap. Leftwing & Kody, Foamo, Hannah Wants, Gorgon City aren't doing some bad stuff either.

Unless the late 90's early 00's Junior Jack/Roger Sanchez style also makes a comeback, then it's about the only strain of dance music that interests me right now.

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