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The Techno Recommends Podcast

After a couple of years away from producing a regular podcast series I'm delighted to have been asked to present a new format for Techno Recommends.

I'll be hosting a monthly podcast for the burgeoning brand producing a 2 hour show focused on showcasing the best new techno & featuring some heavyweight guest mixers.

The podcast will be hosted on podmatic, iTunes, soundcloud, mixcloud & on

I'll post more details soon & each show will have its own thread in the download section.

For further info & updates check the respective twitter feeds & links below

Useful Links





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We'll be launching the new podcast next week (Thursday to be precise) with a debut broadcast on from 8-10pm

The format for the show will be as follows:

0-30mins The Warm-Up mix

30-55mins The Showcase Mix

55-60mins Release of the Month

60-120mins The Headline Mix

I'll flesh those details out & include links etc closer to Thursday. Hope some folk can tune in!

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Here we go folks, the very first episode is now live & ready for download

The Warm-up Mix

01. Dark Sky "Rainkist" (Marcel Dettmann Remix) [Monkeytown Records]

02. Iori "Cut" [Field Records]

03. Sasha Carassi "Black Propoganda" (Tiger Stripes Remix) [Moan]

04. Makam "Girls Night" [Ostgut Ton]

05. Alexi Delano & Jesper Dahlback pres ADJD "Don't Constrain Me' [sCI+TEC]

06. Pan-Pot "Grey Matter" [second State]

07. Thomas Schumacher "I Won't Run" (Dustin Zahn Remix) [Noir Music]

The Showcase Mix - Drumcode Records

08. Cari Lekebusch & Joseph Capriati "Napoli 4am" [Drumcode]

09. Sam Paganini "Rave" [Drumcode]

10. Joseph Capriati "Solar System" [Drumcode]

11. Alan Fitzpatrick "The Catalyst" [Drumcode]

12. Petter B "Second Coming" [Drumcode]

13. Alan Fitzpatrick "Skeksis" [Drumcode]

Release of the Month - Rebekah "CLR Mind Series Sampler" [CLR]

14. Bas Mooy "Exiles" [CLR]

The Headline Mix

15. Kamikaze Space Programme "The Bailiff" [Mote Evolver]

16. Bryan Chapman "Solitude Riots" [Affin]

17. Bas Mooy "Shanks" [sleaze Records]

18. Hans Bouffmyhre & Kyle Geiger "Heavy Handed" [unrilis]

19. Mark Broom & Gary Beck "Red" [bek Audio]

20. Hans Bouffmyhre & Kyle Geiger "Dispatch" [unrilis]

21. Alan Fitzpatrick "Truant" [Cocoon Recordings]

22. Akos Veecs "Bodylotion" (Ronan Teague Remix) [black Groove Recordings]

23. Jel Ford "Backyard" [Drumcode]

24. Alan Fitzpatrick "Organic" [Drumcode]

25. Submerge "Paranoid" [impact Mechanics]

26. Spiros Kaloumenos "Logotype" (Cari Lekebusch Remix) [Focus Records]

27. Slam "Factory Music" (Hans Bouffmyhre Remix) [soma Records]

28. Marco Bailey "Railways" (Dispar Vulgo Remix) [MBR Limited]

29. Hans Bouffmyhre & Flug "Misplaced Emotions" [sleaze Records]

30. Markus Suckut "Corp" [Figure]

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The December edition of the show is broadcasting live tonight on at 8 (I'll make it available tomorrow or over the weekend via soundcloud, etc)

I'm delighted to announce that we have a huge exclusive guest mix from Belgian techno legend Tom Hades on the show, as well as 60mins from me

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Latest edition of the monthy podcast series I've been asked to host. Really excited to share what is a stunning guest mix from Tom Hades (personal hero of mine so was delighted when the guys unveiled him as the 1st guest). Couple of mixes in there from me too, either side.

Hope you guys enjoy!

The Techno Recommends Podcast

December 2014 ft Tom Hades Exclusive Guest Mix

The Warm-up Mix w/ Tom Bailey

01. Philip Bader "Terrazza's House" [saved Records]

02. Kaiser Souzai "Yangis" [Kinetika Records]

03. Wade "Sunday In The Sky" [MOOD]

04. Pig & Dan "Wet Velvet" [Terminal M]

05. Kaiserdisco "Twelve Monkeys" [KD Music]

06. Reset Robot "Metro Sexual" [Truesoul]

Release Of The Month - Lex Gorrie "Make A Stand EP" [sleaze Records]

07. Lex Gorrie "Stand Down" (Secluded Remix) [sleaze Records]

The Guest Mix - Tom Hades

Tracklist Unknown

The Headline Mix w/ Tom Bailey

01. De Oliviera "Stampede" (Ben Sims Remix) [stir Consciences Records]

02. Fixeer "Fahrenheit" (Kyle Geiger Remix) [Vector Functions Records]

03. Transient X4 "1" [Limited]

04. Dax J "Skynet" [Arts]

05. Marco Zenker "Splifer" [ilian Tape]

06. Xhei "Delz" (Drumcell Remix) [unknown Territory]

07. Marco Zenker "Darai" [ilian Tape]

08. Lex Gorrie "Stand Up" (UZB Remix) [sleaze Records]

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Techno Recommends Podcast

January 2015 w/ Tom Bailey

Presenting the first Techno Recommends podcast of 2015! After our hugely popular December podcast featuring legendary Belgian Techno don Tom Hades, January sees an extended 2 hour Headline Mix from me!

Tom Bailey Extended Two Hour Headline Mix


01. Tommy Four Seven "FFFFF" [stroboscopic Artefacts]

02. Rumah & Progression "SC3" [blueprint Records]

03. Adam Beyer "You're The Same" [Truesoul]

04. Jochen Kling "Open Your Eyes" (Cari Lekebusch Rework) [GSR]

05. Bryan Chapman "Solitude Riots" [Affin]

06. Marco Bailey "Dark Soul" [MBR Limited]

07. Bryan Chapman "Klaatu Harappa" [Driving Forces Recordings]

08. Dax J "Skynet" [Arts]

09. Chris Colburn "Haumea Haze" [Modul]

10. Luigi Madonna "Unconditional Beauty" [Drumcode]

11. Carlo Lio "Sounds Like" [intec]

12. Mihalis Safras "Tru" (Gary Beck Exclusive Remix) [Material]

13. Nikola Gala "Banger" [Octopus Records]

14. Fixeer "Fahrenheit" (Kyle Geiger Remix) [Vector Functions Records]

15. Bas Mooy "Shanks" [sleaze Records]

16. Hans Bouffmyhre & Kyle Geiger "Dispatch" [unrilis]

17. Mark Broom & Gary Beck "Red" [bek Audio]

18. Hans Bouffmyhre "Residual" [MB Elektronics]

19. The Welderz "Order Rand" [Arts Digital]

20. Extra Dry "CTLX 01" (Lex Gorrie Remix) [Clutch Trax]

21. The Plant Worker "Zodiac" [Quant]

22. Secluded "Blocked" [sleaze Records]

23. Xhei "Delz" (Drumcell Remix) [unknown Territory]

24. Exium "Subshell" (Pfiter Remix) [Nheoma]

25. Marco Zenker "Darai" [ilian Tape]

26. Hans Bouffmyhre "Downwards" [MB Elektronics]

27. Randomer "Stupid Things That I Do" (New School Mix) [Clone Basement Series]

28. Cleric "Grey Detal" (J. Tijn Remix) [EarToGround Records]

29. Lag "Trema" (Clouds Remix) [MORD]

30. Hans Bouffmyhre "Conceal" [unknown Territory]

31. Valmay "2 O'Clock Wake Up" [Arts]

32. Tiga vs Audion "Let's Go Dancing" (joeFarr Remix) [Turbo Recordings]

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The Techno Recommends Podcast February 2015

Brand new podcast from me, two hours of glorious techno!

Opening hour featuring some deeper tech house & techno tracks building up the climactic "Headline Mix" in hour two


The Warm-Up Mix

01. Marino Canal "Don't Know" [MOOD]

02. Marco Faraone ft. Piegaja "Mirror Coat" [Moon Harbour Recordings]

03. Wade "Boldness" [Avotre]

04. Pirupa "He Is High" [Moan]

05. Andrea Oliva "Saved" [Moon Harbour Recordings]

06. Reset Robot "Coral" [Moan]

07. Affkt "Rantanplan" (Pirupa Remix) [Kling Klong]

08. Julien Chaptal "Rusty Bicyclette" [saved Records]

09. Dubspeeka "Primary K290" [Drumcode]

10. Kaiserdisco "Three Lions" (Luca Agnelli Remix) [KD Raw]

11. Dimitri Nakov ft Cari Golden "Don't Stop" (Alan Fitzpatrick Remix) [suara]

12. Dubspeeka "Primary K256" [Drumcode]

13. The Plant Worker "Zodiac" [Quant]

Release of the Month

14. Mr Bizz "Atlantis" [sleaze Records]

The Headline Mix

15. Mr Jones Reality Check" [DSNT Records]

16. Renato Cohen "Crash The Acid" (Luigi Madonna Voice Interpretation Mix) [The Triangle Records]

17. Petter B "Roots Pt 1" [bOND]

18. Charles Fenckler "District 2" [soma Records]

19. Fixeer "Interactive" [illegal Alien Records]

20. Marco Bailey "Wildfires" (Nikola Gala Remix) [MBR Ltd]

21. Mr Bizz "Indigo" [sleaze Records]

22. Mickey Nox "Nine" [b55 Records]

23. Hans Bouffmyhre "Downwards" [MB Elektronics]

24. Chris Chambers & DJ Ogi "The Fury of Tango" [Elektrax Recordings]

25. Exium "Subshell" (Pfiter Remix) [Nheoma]

26. Renato Cohen "Tuff Guitar" (Roberto Capuano Remix) [The Triangle Records]

27. Mr Bizz "Azimut" [sleaze Records]

28. Charles Fenckler "District 1" [soma Records]

29. ROD "RSPCT" [Marcel Dettmann Records]

30. Drumcell "Departing Comfort" (Material Object Remix) [CLR]

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Latest edition of the monthly podcast I present for Techno Recommends.

This month features a straight up 90mins mix from me, loads of new music, minimal dodgy voicovers, a release of the month & a new feature

Hope you guys enjoy!


01. ROD "Trucker One" [Figure SPC]

02. Joel Mull "Sending Probe" [Last Night On Earth]

03. Dubspeeka "Primary K256" [Drumcode]

04. The Welderz "Autoroute" (Cari Lekebusch Remix) [Driving Forces Records]

The Three Track Sweep - Soma Records

05. Secluded "Sympathy" [soma]

06. Gary Beck "Before The Crash" [soma]

07. Charles Fenckler "District Two" [soma]

08. Morgan Thomas "Binary Shift" (Drumcell Remix) [Reloading Records]

09. Wirrwarr "Heavy Floor" [Decoy Records]

10. Brian Sanhaji "NonZero" [EgoTon]

11. Renato Cohen "Ruff Guitar" (Roberto Capuano Remix) [The Triangle Records]

12. Mr Bizz "Atlantis" [sleaze Records]

13. Juan Sanchez "Jesse's Groove" [unknown Territory]

14. Lag "Kontrola" (Bas Mooy Remix) [MORD]

15. Antono Marciano "0db" (Hans Bouffmyhre Remix) [sisma Records]

16. Jepe "The Way" (Nikola Gala Remix) [bEEF Records]

17. Monya "Verweht" (Bas Mooy Remix) [Corresponding Positions]

18. Re:Axis & Scalameriya "Spectra" [Planet Rhythm]

19. Mr Bizz "Indigo" [sleaze Records]

20. Regal "Symbol" [Figure]

21. Flug "Experience" [Droid Records]

22. Roberto Clementi "Thorn Birds" [soma]

23. Petter B "Roots Pt 1" [bOND]

Release of the Month - Rebekah "Transient Being" EP [sleaze Records]

24. Rebekah "Broken" [sleaze Records]

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The Techno Recommends Podcast

April 2015 w/ Tom Bailey & Lex Gorrie

Brand new edition of the Podcast I host with a 30mins mix from me & an exclusive 90mins guest mix from Unknown Territory & Sleaze Records co-owner Lex Gorrie

Lex' mix is absolutely amazing & jammed full of exciting new exclusives & per releases promos from Sleaze & UT. Hope you guys can check both mixes out!


Tom Bailey 30mins Mix

01. Robert S "Acid Run" (The Plant Worker Remix) [Robert Limited]

02. Kwartz "Tension" [sonntag Morgen]

03. Pfirter "Technalog" [MindTrip]

04. Monya "Verweht" (Bas Mooy Remix) [Corresponding Positions]

05. JSSL "Bias" [FORMAT Records]

Release of the Month - Various Artists "Bek Audio 021" [bek Audio]

06. Space DJz "Double Zero" [bek Audio]

07. Hans Bouffmyhre & Kyle Geiger "Inwards" [bek Audio]

08. Slam "Catacoustics" (Gary Beck Remix) [soma Records]

09. Cleric "Plexus" [Figure]

Lex Gorrie Guest Mix

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The Techno Recommends Podcast

Episode 007 w/ Tom Bailey

An exclusive one hour mix of the latest techno & techhouse. This edition of the show features some groovy early set material building to the usual peak time percussive progressive techno & includes our Release of the Month for April from Alan Fitzpatrick



01. Danniel Selfmade "Parallel Lives" [beat It Records]

02. Warse "Moon Air" [Moan]

03. Seoul "Cluster Touch" [Moan]

04. Stefano Noferini "Traken" [Pornographic Recordings]

05. Dosem "Next Room" [Toolroom]

06. Raffaele Rizzi "Debug" [Tronic]

07. Richie Santana "Strobe Light" [Transmit Recordings]

08. Christian Smith "Who You Are" (Dosem Remix) [Tronic]

09. Gaga "New Vision" (Boris Remix) [Transmit Recordings]

10. Jamie Fullick "Mistig" (Marc Galindo Remix) [Groovant Music]

11. AuDio KoDe "Schizofrenia Stomp" (Dub Mix) [Transmit Recordings]

12. Loco & Jam "Oblivion" [Toolroom Trax]

13. Alan Fitzpatrick "For An Endless Night" (Jel Ford Remix) [Drumcode] - Release of the Month April 2014

14. Joel Mull "Pulhapanzak" [MOOD]

15. Gary Beck "Backward" [bEK Audio]

16. The Welderz "Binary Ternary" (Secluded Remix) [unrilis]



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The Techno Recommends Podcast

Episode 008 w/ Resident DJ Tom Bailey In The Mix!

Episode 008 of The Techno Recommends Podcast features our loyal resident DJ Tom Bailey providing a suitably stunning, pumping, groove tinged 30 minute mix of brilliant new techno & tech-house!


01. Paride Saraceni "West Village" [Agile Recordings]

02. Okain "Oblivion" [Truesoul]

03. Christian Smith & Wehbba "Mutate" (Kaiserdisco Remix) [Tronic]

04. Stefano Noferini "Peal" [Tronic]

05. Lluis Ribalta "Ciclo" (Alberto Ruiz & Hugo Biano Remix - TB Short Edit) [Drakos Recordings]

06. Misstress Barbara "Je Suis Charlie" [Loose Records]

07. Jamie Fullick "Try Again" [Groovant Music]

08. Spektre "Lost Inside" [Dirty Minds]

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New vibes...

The Techno Recommends Podcast

Episode 009 w/ Resident DJ Tom Bailey

The Techno Recommends podcast is back! Delivering your weekly dose of the finest techno & tech-house, along with exclusive guest mixes, news, reviews & interviews.

This week's Episode of the show features our loyal resident Tom Bailey showcasing some deeper, groovier techno & tech-house in a sultry, sublime and succinct 30minutes exclusive mix - ENJOY!


01. Nicole Moudaber "Her Dub Material" (Alex Tepper Remix) [MOOD]

02. Taster Peter "Romance" [serkal]

03. Warse "Moon Air" [Moan]

04. Macromism "Daze" [Moan]

05. Peter Bailey "Refraction" [Transmit Recordings]

06. Sean Collier "Nomad" [bitten]

07. Reset Robot "Lost In A Duvet" [Truesoul]

08. Seoul "Cluster Touch" [Moan]

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The Techno Recommends Podcast

Episode 010 w/ Resident DJ Tom Bailey

Episode 010 of the Techno Recommends Podcast sees our resident DJ Tom Bailey presenting a pulsating peaktime mix of the finest new techno.


01. Jewel Kid "Don't Stay" [Alleanza]

02. Ant Brooks "Aphelion" [Funk 'n Deep Records]

03. Oscar L "Black" [Rhythm Distrikt]

04. Gaga & Sonate "Witches" [MB Elektronics]

05. Loco & Jam "Trigger" [Alleanza]

06. Weska "Black Boots" [Octopus Black Label]

07. Adam Beyer "Stone Flower" [Drumcode]

08. Luca Gaeta "Warsynt" (Skober Remix) [Organism]

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Weekly dosage of new techno & tech-house...

The Techno Recommends Podcast

Episode 011 w/ DJ Tom Bailey

Episode 011 of The Techno Recommends Podcast features a full fire thirty minute mix from resident DJ Tom Bailey. This week's show contains awesome new music from the likes of Ant Brooks, The YellowHeads, Raul Mezcolanza & our Release of the Month from Adam Beyer!

Tom Bailey Techno Recommends Podcast 011

June 1st 2015


01. Ant Brooks "Aphelion" [Funk 'n Deep Records]

02. Minitech Project "Da Bomb" (Sonate Remix) [Nell Records]

03. The Yellowheads "Grow" [Tronic]

04. Raul Mezcolanza" Pressure Cooker" [Rhythm Distrikt]

05. Gaga & Sonate "Say What?" [MB Elektronics]

06. Max Dennett "Resist" [Phobiq]

07. Markantonio "Start It Wave" [Analytictrail]

08. Adam Beyer "That Would Be The Sun" [Drumcode] - Release of the Month for May

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